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way do my rear brake lights stay on after car turned off

Resolved Question:

way do my rear brake lights stay on after car turned off?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.



This happens when the brake switch, located at top of brake pedal on pedal bracket, fails. Replace the switch and you will resolve this.


Remove the soundproofing panel on the driver's side.

Removing the stop lamp switch


Remove the retaining clip and push the push rod to one side at the brake pedal.

Press the stop lamp switch housing (1) forward against the pedal box bracket. This is to release the white locking sleeve (2).

Pull the white locking sleeve towards the tip of the stop lamp switch as far as it will go.

Press in the stop lamp switch catches (3) from underneath. Turn the switch down, pull out.

Remove the connector.


Checking the stop lamp switch

Check that:

  • the white locking sleeve is pulled out towards the tip of the stop lamp switch as far as it will go


  • the catches (4) do not come into contact with the white locking sleeve.

Installing the stop lamp switch

NOTE: The brake pedal must be depressed.


  • the connector
  • the stop lamp switch. Check the switch guide in the bracket.

Press the stop lamp switch into place. There is a distinct click when the catches engage with the bracket.

Installing the push rod

Gently pull the brake pedal up and install the push rod. Secure it using the retaining clip. The stop lamp switch will then adjust itself automatically.


  • Do not lift the pedal too high or the basic adjustment may be incorrect.
  • Check that the stop lamps are working.
  • In cars with automatic transmission and shift-lock, check that shift-lock is working.

Install the soundproofing panel.

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