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I need to replace the water pump on my 1993 volvo 940 turbo

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I need to replace the water pump on my 1993 volvo 940 turbo sedan. I also am replacing the thermostat. Can you give me detailed instructions on how to do this? Also, and pitfalls, potential problems or tricks I need to know in doing this. Thanks.

It's not that hard to replace the water pump, There are no tricks, pretty straight forward.

below are the instructions



NOTE: Always pressure test cooling system before replacing water pump, rubber seals or gaskets. Water pumps are often replaced unnecessarily eg. when only a gasket is leaking. In case of a leakage pressure test system.


Drain Coolant:

  1. On AC vehicles, disconnect vacuum hose from water valve to prevent valve from opening fully.
  2. Move dashboard heater control to warm.
  3. Remove expansion tank cap.
  4. Unscrew drain cock on right side of cylinder block.
  5. Disconnect water hose from lower part of radiator.

Fan Shroud & Pulley

Upper Timing Gear Cover


  1. Battery (-) cable.
  2. Fan.
  3. Preheating hose clamp (beneath fan shroud).
  4. Fan shroud.
  5. Drive belts and water pump pulley:
    • loosen adjusters
    • remove belts
    • remove pulley
  1. Upper timing gear cover:

-110 mm socketM6 bolt
-212 mm socketM8 bolt
-3Cross-head screwdriverpanel screw

Fig. 33 Replacing Water Pump

Water Pump Removal

Remove Water Pump:

  1. Loosen return pipe at coolant pump:
    • Remove bolt, washer and nut.
  1. Remove all bolts, washers and nuts.

Water Pump To Block Gasket Surface

Clean Gasket Surface And Contact Surfaces:

  1. Scrape off any traces of gasket material from block and water pump.
  2. Clean rubber ring contact area on cylinder head.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
is it absolutely necessary to drain all of the coolant?
It save you from cleaning up a huge mess. So yes I would, and when you drain the coolant, you really never get the entire thing out.
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