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2001 v70 t5: climate control blower continues blowing..control module

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i have a 2001 v70 t5 and the climate control blower continues blowing after turning off ignition and thus eventually drainig battery. fan speed control knob does not change fan speed, acts like it is stuck in high speed. could this be a bad resistor/control module.
This sounds like a bad blower motor resistor. Have the diagnostic trouble codes checked by a dealer to verify functions of the climate control module, you may need that component if there is a fault code stored.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the dealer says it will cost $250 to scan the car to check the codes and says i have to leave the car with him and he may be able to work it in sometime next week. the dealer is over an hour away and i don't have a back-up car for my wife. can a local mechanic check the codes or can this only be done at a dealer. what would happen if i were to just get the part ($150.00) and replace it myself? i'm still confused as to how the fan/blower can even work when the car is turned off and had been that wat fro over two ohours.
Well the blower resistor has constant power so if the resistor is faulty it could stick internally and make it stay on. You could try and replace it without diag but cross your fingers. In order to replace this you must remove the blower fan under the passenger dash
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