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99 Volvo V70: wagon..s climate control fan..blowing..wasnt working

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My 99 Volvo V70 wagon's climate control fan has stopped blowing completely. Before it stopped the auto/manual fan control wasn't working very accurately. Sometimes you had to jiggle it to get it going. Is the control module shot, or could it be the fan motor itself, or both?
You will need to do some checks .. First remove glove box. Then you can gain access to the blower motor. You will need a voltmeter or test lamp. Disconnect the plug to the blower motor. With the blower control turned to on check for voltage 12 volts, on one wire. The other should be less than a volt which is your ground. If so the motor is bad. If not then it will require more time and testing. If you want to try the "tap" method try tapping the blower motor with the wires still hooked up if it starts then blower motor is bad.
I have included some pic and a wiring diag. Jim



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.



If the motor is good, does that mean there is something wrong with the control module?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.



I tapped on the motor and it started immediatly. I'm pretty handy, how tough is it to get that unit in and out of there? Do I have to remove the lower storage shelf beneath glove box ?

Let me check. I just got back home. Jim

Here is the proceduce: Looks like there are 4-5 screws to remove the previous picutre has the diag for you.

TTTL1 Removing blower fan motor
  • Ignition off.
  • Remove glove compartment
  • Remove soundproofing panels
  • Remove knee bolster/member if installed.
  • Disconnect the blower fan connector.
  • Expose the blower fan motor (detach cable conduit and heater unit connector from the blower fan motor).
  • Remove blower fan motor.

TTTL2 Installing blower fan motor

  • In reverse order.

TTTL3 Finishing

  • Check that the blower fan is working.
  • Check that no diagnostic trouble code (DTC) was stored during repairs.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX pretty easy...I took the blower motor out and sprayed some WD 40 into it. I then blew compressed air into it and reinstalled it for now. It at least blows intermittently now. It really blows hard when I apply the brakes for some odd reason. Would you even bother with a used unit, or should I just purchase a new one for around $170.?

I would go for a new one. You don't want to be somewhere when it is really hot or really cold and it stops.. Good job! Jim B