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Mike, volvo Tech
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I have an s40 I placed groceries in the trunk,

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I have an s40 I placed groceries in the trunk, closed the trunk...came home...tried to open the trunk..won't open...tried to turn it in any direction, won't budge
what year?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
if using the key to try and lock or unlock the trunk and it still wont open it will need to be opened from the inside by unboltin gthe latch from the body, then most likely it will need a new trunk lock/latch assembly. sometimes something gets stuck in the latch, but either way it will need to be opened from the inside. you can fold down the seats to access the trunk. not going to be asy either way.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes, I have tried the emergency unbolting latch by pulling down on in...still the trunk won't open....
ok so the next steps is going to be to un bolt the latch brace from the body to get the trunk open then you can replace / repair whatever is need
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one other thing, just tried on a s40. if the car is locked it doesnt matter what you do with the lock in the trunk it wont open. try locking and unlocking the car and retry. make sure it is unlocked and make sure you can th elock in trunk, you should hear a motor working. then try with the key