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Mike, volvo Tech
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I have a 1998 Volvo S90 with an SC-816 radio. The LCD display

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I have a 1998 Volvo S90 with an SC-816 radio. The LCD display reads OFF. I have the anti-theft code and have tried entering it using the instructions in the manual (leave ignition in position I for 2 hours) and it still does not work. I've tried this twice now, 5 hours in total. Is there an easier way to get this thing to work?
while leaving the ignition is position 1 for 2 hours, the radio needs to be on also, once the radio says "code" then enter your code. if the code you got doesnt work, you will need to remove the radio get the serial number and part number and have volvo get the proper code.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Mike,

The problem is that the radio display never said "code" after several hours. I did have it turned on (the display went from "off" to blank). My question is, "if I took this in to the dealer to fix, would they use a shortcut or would they also have to wait the 2-3 hours?" it seems like a very inefficient way to solve a problem - should I try leaving the ignition and radio on for 4 hours?

if the radio goes from off to blank, I think you have a bad radio, there is no short cut on the radio for code mode. I have seen a small number of radio's that wont come out of the off mode.


the radio should go straight from "off" to "code"

try removing disconnecting radio completly from power for a 1/ hr or so and then plug it back in and go thru the key and radio on for the aprox. 2 hrs. and then see if it says code.


while you have the key in position 1 and the radio turned on, display reads "off"?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
When the key is in the I position and the radio on, the display is blank. I've assumed all along that it is saying "off" because it is actually "off". When I put the key to the I position, the display reads "off" initially, and then I press the "on" button, at which point the display goes blank, and then I leave it for 2 - 3 hours, after which point the display is still blank.

sounds like you are shutting the radio off and at the point it wont reset. turn the key to position 1 then turn the radio on so the display reads "off" and leave it for 2 hrs. then it will read "code", then do the 4 digit code, only do it 2 times. if the second time doesnt work you have the wrong code and if you do it a 3rd time it will go back to "off".


the radio needs to show "off" on the display while the key is on for 2 hrs.

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