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2001 Volvo S80: Diagnostic Code..)2 sensors, circuit Lambda

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Diagnostic Code P1132 on 2001 Volvo S80. )2 sensors, circuit Lambda offset comparison O2S 1 vs. [email protected] 2 (Bank 1, Sensor 1). What do you suggest as a repair? If O2 sensor replacement is recommended, do I replace 1 or both? If only 1, which 1; and where is location? Thank you.
I would suggest replaceing both the front and rear sensors on bank 1. bank one is for cylinders 1,2,and 3. the sensors are in the exhaust and if you folow the exhaust off the back of the engine you will find sensor 1 then go back on the same pipe past the catalytic converter will be the 2nd sensor. this can be done by yourself but they are not the easiest sensors to replace. you will spend a few hours easy the first time, if your doing it with out a rack to lift the car.
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