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I have a Nikon 810 body that has stopped syncing with my

Customer Question

I have a Nikon 810 body that has stopped syncing with my Zeiss lenses. With the aperture set to its smallest setting, f22, I am receiving a "fEE" error. These lenses have been working properly up until recently and work properly on my other Nikon body. I checked to make sure the firmware is the latest version and it is. I checked the menu control "f7" , aperture lock, turning it off made error "fEE" turn off and allowed for operation of the shutter button and aperture but the exposure was overexposed by, approximately 4-5 stops. I tried this in the manual, aperture, and priority modes with the same result. I repeated the process also with menu "f7" on and found that "fEE" error would shut off as I opened the lens aperture manually to approximately f5.6 allowing the operation of the shutter button, but again, resulting in extream overexposure.
I tried this with two different Zeiss Lenses, the 135/f2 & 50/f1.4 on this D810 body with the same results as above. I mounted both Zeiss lenses on my other Nikon body D610 and they work properly. The D810 body is operating correctly with all my Nikon lenses.
Do you have any suggestions on what might be the problem and steps needed to be taken to correct this issue? This problem first appeared about two weeks ago after taking some bracketed shots with the Zeiss 50/1.2 lens on the D810 body; when pictures were downloaded they were all overexposed even though they were metered properly.
Thanks for your help. I would like to be able to continue using the Zeiss lenses on the D810 body and am hoping this can be easily resolved.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Camera and Video
Expert:  Pete replied 11 months ago.

Hi, I'm Pete. Welcome to JustAnswer! I'm reviewing your question now, and will post back with your reply ASAP.

Expert:  Pete replied 11 months ago.

The FEE error indicates that your camera cannot control the full range of the lens aperture.

A setting on the lens may have been changed.

Try rotating the aperture ring to its smallest opening, (or highest f-number), and let me know if that helps?