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Russell H.
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I have the a7r and two a6000's. Been in photography 56

Customer Question

I have the a7r and two a6000's. Been in photography 56 years, plus a degree in photography. I have the 70-200 E FE G f4 lens and the Zeiss/Sony 35mm E FE 2.8. My pics when blown up on the two cams show that ones on the a6000 are sharp when blown up to 100% and but not the case on the a7r. That cam shows very soft blurred and mush pic's. From ISO 100-400 is not as bad a anything high. Is something wrong with the a7r or is it that Full Frame and the double click of the shutter in the a7r is just the nature of the beast. I would think if I went to make a blowup I would be running into trouble?
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Camera and Video
Expert:  Russell H. replied 11 months ago.

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

I would think that the pictures from the A7R are low-resolution.

Low-resolution can result from these causes (not listing the 'low-res' that results from swiping the camera mid-exposure and producing blurs):

1. lack of sharp focus

2. low resolution settings on the camera - a feature only digital cameras have, of course.

3. ISO settings and/or dim light, a mismatch in short

4. or excessively low exposure settings combined with a less-than-ideal (3) above too.

I suggest that you check

A. the focusing on your A7R. Do Manual focusing at least for a test shot, make sure it's quite sharp in Viewfinder or in Live View mode, before shooting.

B. the resolution setting on the A7R. Set it to Maximum resolution in pixels.

C. and obviously, double-check your ISO and exposure time and lighting ( the things I hardly need remind you of, obviously. Sorry to have mentioned them.)

I suspect that either you need to do a Factory Settings Reset on your camera (to obviate some hidden setting combination having a bad effect on resolution of resultant photos), or you have a defective camera, or possibly you have a low-resolution setting on the camera i.e. less-than-maximal resolution settings or 'Quality' settings.

Focus? if you get sharp focus through viewfinder or Live View when Manual focusing, then probably the optics are good enough. A Focus defect would be optics (unless Auto Focus had a problem, of course.)

Let me know your thoughts, and also whether you need instructions as to Resolution/Quality settings on the A7R camera, or instructions as to trying a Factory Settings Reset.