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Russell H.
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Nikon D-800. HDR (high dynamic range) in shooting mode can

Customer Question

Nikon D-800. HDR (high dynamic range) in shooting mode can not be activated. The item is not highlighted and uses light gray lettering. Can not highlight it with yellow curser to activate.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Camera and Video
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question. There may be any number of things wrong - wrong mode, too much shake as you hold the camera (try setting it down on something solid like a wall or a rock, and seeing if that way the HDR option becomes accessible - some people shoot HDR only from a tripod, it's that important - and you might be in the wrong mode perhaps? etc. Or, try setting up HDR this way (and if it fails, let me know *where* it fails): Turn On the camera, from an Off status.Use arrows to be in the left column, then choose Custom Settings (pencil icon on left tab.)Press right-arrow, then down-arrow to c Timers/AE LockThen right-arrow, and then choose c3/Self-Timer and hit OK or hit right-arrow to select it.Then in c3 Self Timer you have 3 settings: time delay (yours to choose, determines how long before he sequence of shots starts after hitting shutter button.) and then there'sNumber of shots - 3 is usual.andInterval between shots - choose what you please, 0.5 sec or 1 sec is reasonable perhaps. Then when those options are set, hit OK. Then get back out to the Main MENU - Menu button.Back to the pencil tab, or Custom Setting Menu.Then toe Bracketing flashand right-arrow, then to e5-Auto bracketing flash, and right-arrow.And highlight AE - AE Only and press OK.Then hit left arrow until screen is blank, or hit MENU repeatedly until screen is blank - completely out of the menus. Then press Release Mode dial, turn it to Self Timer. Then use the MODE button and turn Main Command dial to A in the control panel, Aperture mode.Then press the BKT button and turn the command dial to select the same number of exposures, e.g. 3F is standard. You need to match that number to the number of shots selected above, as I said 3 is usual. Select exposure and aperture to please yourself, basically. Set camera to Manual focus. Then frame the photograph, focus it manually if needed, and press the shutter button fully and release it. You do not have to half-hold it etc. It just works this way. The three exposures (or how many you selected above) will be taken at the interval selected above. Note: BKT Setting will go back to 0 so you have to select the BKT setting for each shot. Need to set it back to 3T (standard) or 5T etc. if you choose, etc. etc. Did that work? if so please rate my answer. Thanks! and enjoy this fine photographic technique.