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JVC Model GY-HM650U How do you get into the service mode

Customer Question

JVC Model GY-HM650U
How do you get into the service mode
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Camera and Video
Expert:  JA Engineer replied 1 year ago.

Hello and good afternoon to you.

To get into service mode for the GY-HM650U, as per the instructions of the service manual:

5.1.1 Modes required in servicing

While holding down the specified button (FOCUS ONE PUSH AUTO), press the [MENU] button to display the first layer menu of the service menu hierarchy. The items in the first layer vary according to the specified button being held when the [MENU] button is pressed. (Characters are displayed on LCD monitor screen

or View finder.)

5.1.2 Service menu Display

(1) While holding down the [FOCUS ONE PUSH AUTO] button, and then press the [USER1] + [USER2] + [MENU] buttons.

(2) And in the state which has pressed [FOCUS ONE PUSH AUTO] button, a press on [USER3]+[MENU] button will display Service menu. (Pressing a [FOCUS ONE PUSH AUTO] button is continued to the last.)

If you would like a copy of the service manual to see the graphical illustrations, please click here. The service menus info can be found in Section 5.