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The memory card on my AZ1 camera appears to be full, and the

Customer Question

the memory card on my AZ1 camera appears to be full, and the live view remote recognizes the camera but cannot connect or do anything. I deleted the images on the memory card from my computer, but they have not been erased on the card, I cannot get past an error icon on the remote that looks like a finger pointing to a camera icon and moving back and forth. Can you tell me how to proceed? I want to erase the contents of the card completely.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Camera and Video
Expert:  Russell A. replied 1 year ago.


Using the computer, right click on the removable drive icon and select Format.

Select the format type depending on the card type and capacity using the list below.

SD/microSD 2GB or lower FAT16

SDHC/microSDHC 4GB to 32GB FAT32

SDXC/microSDXC 64GB or higher exFAT

Next, put the card in the camera and follow the camera's format process shown on the attached photo

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I took the camera and remote viewer to the store where I bought them. What I found out was:
1. the memory card was full
2. it is not possible to format the card from a Mac, which is what I have
3. they reformatted the card for me using a pc
4. the wifi connection between the camera and the remote viewer was severed and had to be re-established by pushing and holding the wifi button on the camera when prompted by the viewer--a process that was not covered in the instructions that I had or found online
5. they guided me through the setup of an app for my phone that turns the phone into a remote viewer and editorThanks for your response but I'm afraid it was too late and it would not have done anything for me
Expert:  Russell A. replied 1 year ago.

No problem and you are quite welcome.

In case you ever need it again, the cards can be formatted on a mac. Please see below:

To format a device on your Mac OS X:
1. Double-click on Macintosh HD - or in the Finder menu click File > New Finder Window
2. Click the Applications folder - if using a Finder Window Applications will be in the left side menu.
3. Click the Utilities folder.
4. Double-click Disk Utility.
5. On the left side of the window are the drives connected to the computer. Select the capacity of the drive respective to the one containing the device you wish to format then click the Erase tab.

Example: If the drive is called "NO NAME", directly above that, you should see the drive capacity of "XXXX". Select this capacity.

6. Verify Volume Format is set to MS-DOS file system or exFAT, then click Erase.

NOTE: exFAT is used on SDXC card (64GB and higher).

NOTE: exFAT can be used on flash drives or memory cards to transfer files larger than 4GB.

NOTE: MAC OS 10.6.2 or higher is required for exFAT file system. Some older operating systems must have a patch installed before they can use the exFAT file system.