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Mike the Mac Medic
Mike the Mac Medic, Camera and Video Technician
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Experience:  Amateur photographer since I had my own darkroom at age 12.
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I have camcorder model #GZ-MG360. To create DVDs DIRECTLY

Customer Question

I have camcorder model #GZ-MG360. To create DVDs DIRECTLY from the camcorder, I used SONY VRD-MC5 for many years. That device is currently malfunctioning, and I cannot find its equivalent ANYWHERE. If I want to order a new device, it's about $550 on Amazon. I've been told that this camcorder is a dinosaur and that there is NO alternative to the now discontinued SONY product. Do you have ANYTHING to help me out. I know some of the camcorders came with an Everio dock which facilitated video transfer. I found a page on Amazon that speaks to that but gives absolutely no info as to how to go about obtaining one.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Camera and Video
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Forgot to mention that I know I can download videos onto my Mac & hopefully transfer them to a flash drive or memory card to take to Costco, but they charge $18 for 90 mins. & I have a lot more than that most likely--may need 2DVDs. Bot***** *****ne--I may just have to buy a new flash drive camcorder to have something tangible I can pull out of the camcorder for processing.
Expert:  Mike the Mac Medic replied 2 years ago.
What costs $18 for 90 minutes is that to transfer to DVD?
Expert:  Mike the Mac Medic replied 2 years ago.
If that is the case maybe I am not understanding, if you can get the files to your Mac then you can burn your own DVDs depending on which Mac you have and what software is installed. Let me know because there is free software to do what you want.