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I have an old Sony CCD FX-710 cam corder and I want to transfer

Customer Question

I have an old Sony CCD FX-710 cam corder and I want to transfer the tapes to my Mac. I have the necessary cables, software, etc to do that BUT when I try and PLAY a tape in the old camcorder, I just get a flickering black/white image thru the viewfinder, but I do see the tape moving/counting. I've run the OLD "cleaner" cartridge, but no improvement. What do you think?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Camera and Video
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
Hi. My name is***** own a small camera repair business and am a technician with over 25 years in the business. I'll be glad to help you.
The problem with older camcorders is in the components used in their construction. These were built using Electrolytic Capacitors that have leaked over time and contaminated the circuit boards. The only cure is to remove every capacitor, scrub the circuit board and solder on new capacitors. This is not a viable repair. You may want to consider a service to transfer your tapes to DVD or, if you have an abundance of tapes, pick up a good, used Sony DCR-TRV350 on EBay. These will play-back the analog tapes in a digital format that transfers easily to DVD or computer.