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my very new SonyDCR-SR68 is showing an error of "hdd format

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my very new SonyDCR-SR68 is showing an error of "hdd format error" lost all data too. Any ideas. It is really important that I get data back
Follow this guid eto attempt to recover your data:

Paragon Backup & Recovery 2011


Download the software on this page. After you have installed it, open the software and plug your Sony Handycam into your computer. You should get some errors with your Handycam drive while you're on this program, but ignore all of them.


Ok, now with the software open, click on "Back Up" that's located in the left column as shown below.


Back Up
(Click on the pictures to view larger)


Now select the drive to back up. It should be a bright green color icon indicating FAT32.


Choosing the Drive


Now select the type of backup destination. If you wish to put it on a hard drive or on a flashdrive, select "Save data to local/network drives."


Destination Drive


Now select where you wish to save the image of the drive. (You will not yet be able to access the files, because they are part of the image file of your drive. Also, you will come across quite a few errors here, but just ignore all of them.) After you have finished with the wizard, you must click "Apply" on the taskbar located at the top of the main program window. (The time it takes for this process will depend on the amount of space you have used.) After it has backed up your drive, you must then restore the drive files to any location. Now click "Restore" located right underneath teh "Back Up" you clicked on earlier. In that window, select the archive file that you created earlier. (The drive being backed up below is just for my example.)


Restoring Drive


Click "Next" in that window and in the next, and then choose where you want the drive files to go. This will copy the exact files that were on the drive in their respective folders to the new drive. (Make sure that this new drive is completely empty, as the process will first format it before copying over the files!)


Backup Destination


The next window after that is just a summary, so there is no need to edit it. After the wizard is finished, you need to apply the changes using the "Apply" button on the taskbar on the top of the main window. After that is done, you now have all your files in the drive where you specified for the files to go. Congratulations! You should have now recovered all those precious memories. In my case, that was 2 hours of video!


So now you just need to deal with your broXXXXX XXXXXdycam. To fix it, you need to format the drive, which is impossible using the Windows Explorer menu. Here's how to do it:


In Paragon Backup and Recovery 2011, right-click on the Handycam drive in the lowest area on the right of the main window. Click "Format partition..."


Formatting Drive


Name your drive (whatever you would like it to be named) and click "Format."




Now, you just apply the changes and you wait for the drive to be formatted. (It can take a VERY LONG TIME!) Then, you should have a working Sony Handycam and all your precious memories backed up!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Thank you for your reply, I downloaded Paragon as stated in your answer, however, the layout is totally different as it is 2012 version of Paragon. I purchased an external drive to carry out the transfer of files especially, since, I knew it was going to be formatted. Then I restored the files and nothing happened. Now my laptop does not even recognise the new external drive!! I cannot even check if the files are on the external drive. Great!! What a mess !also your answer is an exact copy from a guy called Mike on another website. Pls advise. where do I go from here. I still have no files & I still have Hdd error flashing on my camcorder.
Hard drive recovery is an imperfect art. If the hard drive is dead, there's nothing you can do to restore the files on your own. Sounds like that's the case here. You'll need to take it to a data recovery company to have a chance at getting them back.
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