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Russell A.
Russell A., Camera and Video Technician
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Experience:  30 years of experience as a TV station technician gives me a unique understanding of technical equipment issues.
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Have Canon A3000 IS. Getting error message E32 after a minute

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Have Canon A3000 IS. Getting error message E32 after a minute of use. What. Does this mean. I only paid 100.00 for the camera. Should I buy another instead. Canon has always been a good product for me until now
The E32 error means a hardware or system failure generally not repairable by the user. If you purchased your camera new / retail, it has a full one year warranty from Canon. If this is unsuccessful, you should contact one of the Canon repair contacts for free warranty service using the information provided below.

Canon Customer Support Center
Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. ET, excluding holidays
Phone: 1-800-OK-CANON (toll free)
TTD: 1-866-251-3752 (toll free)
Email: [email protected]

If for any reason you cannot go the warranty route, please see the suggestions below if the lens moves partially and stalls or makes unusual noises, then see the "note" at the bottom.

Lens errors are a common problem. Dirt can get into the gears or the lens can become misaligned from being carried in pockets, purses or at the beach. With newer cameras I am usually hesitant to suggest these options since they include some more extreme procedures that may cause further damage if not done correctly, but they may save you an expensive repair bill. The three links below give step by step DIY instructions on troubleshooting and attempting to fix this problem. The lens structure of these compact cameras is the same so the examples do apply to this unit. These procedures are effective about 60% of the time. Click on or copy and paste the links into your browser. Pay special attention to the opening statement at the first link if there is any chance of warranty repair.

Note: Considering the age and present value of this camera, paying the cost of having it repaired , approximately $85 - $125 really depends on how attached to the camera you are. The standard "rule of thumb" is if the repair cost is greater than 50% of the value of the camera, it is not worth it. A used or refurbished PowerShot A3000 IS can be purchased for about $45-$60 and a new one (with warranty) for around $100 (what you paid for this one).

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