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My dog has pulled out all her hair in a very specific place

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My dog has pulled out all her hair in a very specific place on her right hip. It's a perfect circle and now her skin is slightly green and in the past few hours has started to bleed a little. I can't get her to the vet until tomorrow morning but she won't leave the spot alone. I bathed her with veterinary formula shampoo, but no relief. I have been out of town for a few days and this occurred in the past 72 hrs. She has been diagnosed with flea dermitis, but this isn't like what we has to deal with in the past. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. Using the wrong medication for fleas can be dangerous. You should definitely talk to the Veterinarian. What is the dog's name and age?
Customer: Chula, she is 10
JA: Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about Chula?
Customer: No, once we started using Seresto flea collars her dermititis cleared up and she has been super healthy for 2 years

Hello. My name is***** am happy to help you with your question. Give me just a moment to respond and type.

It sounds like a "hot spot" which is a localized area of moist pyoderma which means a superficial moist skin infection. It is very common. It looks green because of the bacteria infecting it.

In terms of over the counter medication for tonight you can give her human benadryl as long as she is not on any medications.

1 mg of benadryl per each pound of dog every 12 hours as needed.

Mix up some over the counter neosporin and hydrocortisone cream 50:50. Apply that to the affected area 2-3 times a day.

If Petsmart is still open where you live you can purchase an e-collar to prevent her from licking the spot.

I would try to get her into the vet tomorrow as it sounds like she needs a course of oral antibiotics. Does that make sense? Do you have any other questions for me?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thank you for the advice. I have already given her the benedryl and hopefully she can calm down for the night

You are welcome you can also try holding an ice pack over the area for 20 minutes each hour until bedtime. That can numb and soothe it a bit.

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