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We think our goat is a Nubian. He has had diarrhea for about

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We think our goat is a Nubian. He has had diarrhea for about 6 days and it is not getting better. We have given him horse wormer, pepto, and probios. His appetite and demeanor are good, but the diarrhea is just flowing out of him. We hose his backside several times per day. He is at the racetrack around horses and not exposed to other goats. I cannot find any local livestock vets or clinics, and our horse vet couldn't provide much help.
Thank you very much for your help.
FYI Lucky is strictly a pet and horse companion.

Hi there, I use to do large animals way back in the day so i'll try to help but can't guarantee any results.

I know goats are pretty prone to many gi parasites, especially things like coccidia. Horses can get coccidia but it rarely affects them but can be devastating in goats with massive diarrhea. This can easily be seen upon a fecal that even your horse vet or small animal vet can do for you. If this is what is going on this is treated with a very specific dewormer called albon which is a type of sulfa medication. 1.25g/100# ***** double the dose on the 1st day. In horses i think they treat it with Marquis (ponazuril) paste.

of course goats can also get strongyles, stomach worms ostertagiasis and giardia and crypto which can be zoonotic meaning people can get crypto from their animals so i'd be wearing gloves until you know what it is for sure

you can try panacur (fenbendazole) which is also a horse dewormer but can be used in goats as well.

things like clostridium, salmonella, giardia etc need to be discovered with fecal cultures unfortunately

do you know if the goats have been tested for Johnes, mycobacterium/paratuberculosis?

I'd have them only on hay right now which is basically fiber and no pellets or other foods that may be further upsetting his gi tract

problem is if it's not worms or gi parasites he may have an internal abscess somewhere that might need something like an ultrasound to figure out. He really needs to see a mixed animal vet. but perhaps you can at least get the feces tested from your horse vet or see if a small animal vet may be able to read it?

I hope that helps some what?

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Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Thank you very much! That's a huge help!

no problem. you'll have to tell me how it goes. I love goats