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My poor cat has been suffering through skin allergies for

Customer Question

Hello my poor cat has been suffering through skin allergies for the past year has gone to the vet she says steroid injections almost monthly. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last May we did radio iodine treatment twice or T4 is 6.7. Tonight she scratching like crazy and you can feel Scabs all over her head and down her spine. She runs around because I know she's so miserable she scratches on the nonstop Bob did it all down I purchased Aller Cor but afraid to give it to her because it says it should not give it to cats. With hyperthyroidism. Please advise thank you
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Amber Hinson replied 11 months ago.

1. Is your cat taking any thyroid medications now? Even after the radioactive iodine they sometimes continue to need medication. Some cats will even go the other direction and get HYPOthryroidism after the iodine treatment.

2. Are you 100% sure she doesn't have fleas?? Do you put flea prevention medication on her? Cats that are indoor only can still get fleas especially if you have other pets that go outside. Scabs all over the body in a cat is almost always flea related. Cats are fastidious groomers so you may not see the fleas on her but you should be able to see flea dirt.

3. What kind of food is she eating?

4. How old is she?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
My cat is not taking thyroid medication. My vet states that he does not want her to take the meds. He says they are not necessary but continue close monitoring. I'm not hundred percent sure she doesn't have fleas I do use revolution but not consistently every month. I trie hypoallergenic foods but she wasn't crazy about it and I have a second cat who does not like it either. I adopted her from a shelter so my best guess her age is nine.