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My mastiff/Rottweiler who will be 8 April 07 started pulling

Customer Question

My mastiff/Rottweiler who will be 8 April 07 started pulling up his left rear leg approx.1 month ago and wouldn't put much weight on it. I thought it was probably sore from arthritis because they believe he blew his knee last January. I opted out of putting him through the surgery as His right rear leg had tlpo surgery when he was 2.
After a few weeks of him not getting any better I took him to our vet who thought he just sprained his ankle because he felt it wasn't a real common place for osteosarcoma and that it wasn't painful to the touch. Put him on rimadyl for 10 days- if gone no worries if still there we would X-ray. Four days later I felt it wasn't getting better and looked like the foot was turning in some. They took X-rays and the bone didn't look good but to them they couldn't see another explanation. They did 5 needle biopsy's. Two they stained themselves to see if they could give me an immediate idea. One was all blood, one was blood and inflammation with other unidentifiable cells. They sent the best three out and they came back no infection or fungus, Basically cancer.
I am struggling whether to amputate and chemo or put him down before it gets too painful as I do not want to see him suffer. I felt although I know blood tests and chest X-rays are not a real diagnostic tool for this disease I was hoping maybe by chance the decision would be made for me but they didn't see anything on the X-rays and his blood work this morning came back perfectly normal. I do not want to do a bone biopsy and now I need to know if there is either anything else this could possibly be or any other alternative besides pain therapy or amputation. Since his right knee surgery he has never really used his right leg to lead himself- up a step, onto the couch or bed etc,. Even with the "cancer" in his ankle on his left he still steps up with that leg. He weighs 135 pounds and ready and willing to go. Where can I and responsibly should I go from here? The vet says if we choose to amputate we need to make a decision as soon as possible and we can just assume it has already metastasized.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Veterinary