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My five year old dog was recently diagnosed with

Customer Question

My five year old dog was recently diagnosed with trichoepithelioma cancer in her left shoulder. She first had a tumor on the same leg FIRST (on the lower part near her feet) and it was not cancer. We had it removed and she was fine. Then a couple of months later (almost 1 year), we took her to the vet bc she walked weird and her shoulder felt funny. They thought it was an infection or internal injury but after a muscle biopsy they found out it was a malignant tumor and her muscles had covered the tumor up to try and seal it and while during the muscle biopsy, the vet had torn some of her muscles and that it was 'inevitable' because of how big her muscles had swollen to cover up the tumor.

She has another tumor on her back leg that's growing and one thats growing on her head and maybe a possible another small one on her chest (all three of these have not been diagnosed). What's the chance that all these other tumors are cancerous/malignant since her shoulder tumor is malignant?

Also Do you know anything about this cancer and good treatment options that have a good prognosis? My vet said he doesn't know much but said it would be good to remove it though the surgery is going to hurt her a lot and she will be in pain because they apparently will have to go deep and wide. I've read a case study (the only one I could find of this cancer so far) with a beagle in Japan and they did the surgery for the same cancer and in one year the beagle had other tumors growing and the vets treated that with chemotherapy and the dog ended up just being in pain the entire time and died within the year. So for me, surgery doesn't seem the best if her prognosis is going to be bad....

Could you let me know your opinion?

Submitted: 2 years ago via Dog and Cat Cancer Fund.
Category: Veterinary