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Dr. Jeff
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Can you give a 45 lb dog a valium

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Can you give a 45 lb dog a valium
Hi, I am Dr. Jeff. I will try to help you. Please feel free to follow up if any more information is needed. While valium is used safely in dogs as a sedative, anesthesia induction agent, and anxiety medication, I cannot recommend the use of a DEA controlled medication without an existing Doctor-client-patient relationship. It is actually illegal for a medication such as this to be used in a manner different than described on the prescription label. So, if you feel that she could benefit from the use of valium, it may be worth a discussion with your vet. Your vet may also provide you information on other options for these various purposes, such as prozac, acepromazine, etc.
I hope this helps and gives you some direction.
Dr. Jeff
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