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Dr. Peter
Dr. Peter, Veterinarian
Category: Veterinary
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Experience:  16 years of small animal internal medicine, surgery and preventive medicine.
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3yr oldchihuhua hasdryhacking coughbut at timeshas white foaminbackoft

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3yr oldchihuhua hasdryhacking coughbut at timeshas white foaminbackofthroatandthrowsupyellowfluid,ican feelfluid when irub his throatwhen he iscoughing im scared he willdie if not treated,im onfixed income of $473 money asof yet,but willpay asap please help ihave had him since he was a baby and he saved my life once by barking till my daughter came tohelp me,please helpme
Welcome and thanks for asking your question. My name isXXXXX am a licensed veterinarian. I am happy to answer your question today. First I need to ask you a few questions to be well informed and give you the best advice.

1- How long has this been going on?
2- How much does he weigh?
3- Any nasal discharge?

There may be a slight delay between your follow ups and my replies as I type out a thorough reply for you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

im not that good at using this,thankyou GODBLESSYOU.hehas been doingthis since a isabout 5to6pounds.healsohas someclearwatering at the nose and mouth. he snores sometimesthroughhis nose,igivehim pediggree dryfood&regular cheerios.some timesa littlechickhen& plainhamburger,vet said its ok but dont make it a times,he just stops andstares into space,sneezes&snorts,rubshead on thesheets.acts like he cantmake it towhere he knows to do 1&2 on the paper,he breaks out in arash when he goes outside to useit. and he wont use it anywhere said he has a little athritis in his knees so i give him a whole body rub down.sorry im so late ,its 208 am i have tried before no one answered me back thankyou .so much can you please tell me what is wrong with my dog? it would be most have letting one of my bills go just to be sure heis ok,it is all i can afford to do .i will pay you .iwill watch for you to answer me on [email protected] he still likes to play & runsome times and sleeps on hi back

Janice, the coughing and history you provide is consistent with a common condition called a "tracheal collapse." This is when the tracheal rings become weak and collapse decreasing the tracheal lumen, when this happens the dog will hack to re-open the airway. If this is happening very frequently what you can do is start him on anti tussive like Robitussin DM (cough) 1/2 teaspoon every 6-8 hours. You can find Robitussin DM (cough) over the counter in any pharmacy. If it gets worst you may need a stronger medication from family veterinarian, they can write a script for you and you can fill it out online or local pharmacy and it may be less expensive. Consider looking into your local ASPCA or Shelter where they often offer veterinary services at a lower cost.

Note: I have responded this as information request so that you don't get charge and do not have to stop paying any of your bills.

My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back. I am happy to address follow-up questions.

Dr. Peter
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

dear dr.peter,GODblessyou once again for your does the heart so good to know there ias good peoplethat want to help when you dont have enough to pay for what you need done. im honest about paying,iwas raised that not good at this,i dont know how to make the right mark to say how terrific you are,but please feel free to show others this note saying how happy you have made me by helping me with mr. andy.i would like to keep in touch with you about him,itrust you.if it is possible could you send me a way to get in touch with you directly through my gmail? you have made me many times this happy!Smile

I am glad I was here to help Janice.

You're welcome.

Dr. Peter
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