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My 9 year old cat has gotten what I think is earmites from

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My 9 year old cat has gotten what I think is earmites from my kitten...ive started treating my kitten...but just noticed that the 9 yr old was shaking his head and scratching...when I looked in the ear with a I could see deeper...I see on one side what looks like a scratch or cut...maybe she got inside with her claws and cut it...but looks kinda open and red inflamed..a bit of blood maybe...what I need to know,,,should I use the mite med for ears still or wait and take her into vet first...will it upset the cut or hurt to bad...make it not sure how long has been I was out of town...and now my vet out of I needed to know if I can start mit med...or take to animal hostpitol...don't want to wait the week for my vet to return!
Hi, I am Dr. Jeff. I will try to help you. Please feel free to follow up if any more information is needed. Most ear mite medications and antibiotcs should not cause a problem in most patient, but I cannot legally advise you to use ear mite medication or antibiotics prescribed to another patient. Keep in mind, this may not be an ear mite problem and could be a standard ear infection. Either way, if you are going to wait the week to see your vet, you can use a over the counter ear flush to remove the debris from the ear. In some cases, this may be enough. If not, then it may be worth discussing the various meds you have in your possession with a local vet. Chances are your vet (as I would recommend to one of my patients) will likely recommend treating with an ear mite product to ensure that is not a developing (or present) problem. His/her other recommendation may also be to treat with an antibiotic to cover any present infection. Keep in mind, ear mites typically lead to a secondary bacterial infection. Very often ear mites can be managed very easily with Revolution which is a topical parasite product that covers other issues beyond ear mites.
I hope this helps and gives you direction.
Dr. Jeff
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for response...I understand and appreciate the issues with the meds..first the ear mite is an over counter its not prescribed, and because I do the cat rescue, I work closely with my vet and when I get a med for an animal I label it and date it, and try to only use it for that animal even at a later cabinet looks like a kitty, anyways, so i'm I don't want to do nothing for a week, take a chance of it getting worse, or as u said secondary infection....clean ear with a flush, use the ear mite med or get the revolution topical med and treat for mites. I'll wait on the antibiotic until she sees vet, as she may not need it....hopefully give her some far being earmites, it certainly looks like it...the brownblack all over...pieces fly out wen she scratches or shakes head..i got a piece a it looks like it...hope nothing worse...but I appreciate your advice...thanks for taking the time to answer!

Glad to help. If the ear mite med is over the counter, I can advise you to use it. So, flush the ears well and then apply the product. Revolution is technically prescription, but if your vet's office is open for other product sales (obviously not appointments), then you may be able to purchase it to get things moving. This is a nice easy product to use and has so many uses (ie fleas, tick, scabies, intestinal parasites, etc). I hope this has helped.

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