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my dog was vomiting last night and this morning so I took him

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my dog was vomiting last night and this morning so I took him to the vet, they took xrays and she gave him fluids and an anti-nausea shot while we were there, she also prescribed him torbutrol 5mg split in two, taken twice daily and famotidine 20mg split into quarters once a day in the evening. My concern is that he urinated when we got home from the vet around 2pm and it is now 5:30am and he has hardly moved, he seems very comfortable, he switches from one side to the other when he's laying down but that's as far as he's gotten in over 15 hours. I understand that torbutrol acts as a sedative but is this length of inactivity normal/healthy? and also, he doesn't seem interested in any kind of liquid he's offered, will the fluids he was given yesterday afternoon enough to hold him over or should I be worried?
Hi there,

I'm so sorry that Buddy isn't feeling well. I'm glad to hear that you've been to the vet, had x-rays to rule out something more serious, and started treatment.

The dose of Torbutrol your vet gave you sounds appropriate. However, just like people, some small dogs are more sensitive than others to lower doses of the drug. The fluids your vet gave under the skin take some time to absorb, so I don't think being sleepy is too much of a cause for concern on that point, but for his next dose of Torbutrol, you might either a) skip the dose if he's groggy, as the previous one is obviously still hanging around, or b) give him a quarter tablet, rather than a half, and see if it knocks him out less. The purpose of the Torbutrol is to mitigate abdominal pain and keep him comfortable, so if he can be comfortable on less, it's ok to cut back on the dose.

I'd also recommend you let your vet know what's going on. She can make a note in his record that he's sensitive to that type of drug in case he ever needs treated with something similar again.

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