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My hedgehog just began to hibernate what do I do?!

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My hedgehog just began to hibernate what do I do?!
Hello, this is Dr. Benedetta, and I'd be glad to offer my help.
Thank you for your question about your hedgehog.
As I am sure you know, Hedgehogs are not supposed to hibernate, their immune system gets depressed in this state, and they are more subject to infection, and not be able to wake up.
What you are doing to warm her up is correct, but it might wok better if you put her under your clothes, next to your body to absorb your body heat.
Another things you can try is to use a warmer, wrapped in a towel. You will need to watch her closely, and if she does not respond in about an hour, she might need to go to your veterinarian for care.
In general, Hedgehogs should be kept at a temperature of 73F minimum, in their enclosure, and the best way is to insure this is to use a ceramic heater.
They can also hibernate when there is a lack of food and water.
To prevent this in the future, add more bedding in her cage, make sure that there is always a good supply of food and water, and that the temperature does not go below 73 F (for some hedgehogs this is still too cold, so depending on her metabolism, you might need to keep her a little warmer that this).
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX she was curled up into a hard ball now she's opening up. She tried walking but curled back up, when i try to pick her up. Every now and then shell unwind but it seems like she's asleep. I added extra bedding in her cage, should I set her back in her igloo? I also added luke warm water and mushed her food as well as setting the heater hIgher than usual. Is there any other percautions I could take?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
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What can I do to better the situation of my hedgehog?
Glad to hear she is doing better!
If she is still sleepy, consider her warming her up a little longer
I gave you some suggestions in the previous post about some precautions for your hedgehog care.
In general, a ceramic heater is the best way to make sure her enclosure is at the right temperature. You might need a thermostat too.
These are a couple of links about Hedgehogs that you might find interesting, and that will lead you to other relevant links.
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