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Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce, Veterinarian
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HI there. My cat (7months) was knocked over on Friday evening.

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HI there. My cat (7months) was knocked over on Friday evening. We only found him the nexy day severely injured with a fractured jaw and a floppy front paw. Th vet has told us that he has nerve damage in his paw and that the leg may have to be amputated. This morning we noticed twitching in that paw. Is that a good sign???

Hello, this is Dr. Bruce and I would like to help you with Sammy.

I'm sorry to hear about his issues.


It is a very good sign that there has been some evidence of movement of the paw. Cats are incredible in their ability to recover from injury. Even apparent nerve damage can heal to some degree. I would strongly suggest waiting for now and seeing how Sammy recovers over time. He may eventually recover part or all of his ability to use that front leg. It can take weeks to months for use of the leg to come back, so be patient.


However, if he is traumatizing the leg by dragging it on the ground, or is chewing on it, then you may need to amputate. If this should happen, please be aware that cats are very happy to get around on 3 legs. If you should get to this point, I would strongly recommend that you go online and look up videos of pets with 3 legs to see how well they get along. I myself had a 3 legged pug dog, and he didn't care one bit about the missing leg.


I hope this helps and that Sammy is feeling better very soon. If you would like to continue this chat, please reply to this post and I will get back to you very soon.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Dr Bruce for your advice. It only seems to be the bottom portion of his leg (from the "elbow" joint with no feeling. He is already dragging it, but is not chewing on it. Is there anthing we can do to try and assist the healing process or supplementation in diet which you recommend. Our vet has said to give him three weeks and then they suggest amputation. Do you suggest that we wait a little longer?

Hello Cindy-Lou,

There really isn't anything that can help with the healing process. If the nerve that supplies feeling and stimulus to that part of the leg is going to heal, it will heal on its own.

I would not be against amputation after 3 weeks, but I would consider waiting a bit longer. It all depends on whether the leg is bothering Sammy. I have several patients with permanent nerve injury to a limb that get along just fine. They limp, and the leg gets dragged, but they do well and don't need to have the limb amputated.

The only reason to amputate is if the leg is bothering him. You can always go back and amputate if necessary. Personally, I would give it as much time as Sammy needs.


I hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you and Sammy.


Please be aware that even after you "Accept" my answer and rate my service, you can always come back and continue this chat by replying to this post and I will be happy to continue helping you.

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