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My dog, small mixed breed about 35 lbs and 10 years old (likely

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My dog, small mixed breed about 35 lbs and 10 years old (likely shepherd/hunting dog mix black and tan with a bit of white on chest and feet) has suddenly began moving slowly. She is either unable to get up when lying down or has a very hard time. Limps favoring different legs at different times. When she stands up her legs shake and occasionally she has tremer like shaking on different parts of her body. Have a vet appt. lined up - but any insight into her condition would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. XXXXX

Hello. Thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.

If there is any chance she has been exposed to tick, I would have her tested for Lyme's disease. It can cause stiffness and shifting leg lameness. Your vet can do an in house test to see if she has been exposed. The treatment is an antibiotic called "doxycycline."

At ten years of age, she could also e developing some arthritis in her hips, spine, or legs. It can be diagnosed with an exam and x-rays. There is not cure but it can be treated with pain medication and medications which help lubricate the joints so the cartilage does not grind.

Shaking can be caused by pain in general or muscle pain due to weakness in the joints.

Neurologic disease, or nerve inflammation, can cause shaking as well.

But first, I would rule out Lymes disease and arthritis.

I hope this helps.

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