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Hi, I state the following as a point of time reference: Today

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I state the following as a point of time reference: Today is Wednesday.

On Saturday: I gave all the dogs their food and all 4 of them started to devour it, and Peanut, the largest of them all, a 4 Year old Male Chauw-Labrador, finished his food first and chased the little ones away and ate the rest of their food, like he always does.

On Sunday: Time again for food, but Peanut was missing, finally found him in the bushes trying to take a dump. 5 minutes later he still did not eat his food, strange, he must be sick. I went looking for him, found him again, trying to take a dump, standing legs apart, tail raised, but no dump. OK so he is congested. This was at around 10:30am. At 1pm he was laying in the house and making moaning sounds, now I got concerned, maybe its a bowl obstruction. Then he urinated all over himself, this is not like him. I immediately contacted the vet, who told me she lives far outside town, it will take her at least 20 minutes to reach the vet's office. So I loaded Peanut and went to the vet. She arrived about 15min after I did and I told her the story. She did a quick physical and concluded it not as a bowl obstruction but rather a lodged bladder stone. Since the vet is closed on Sunday I had to play vets assistant in trying to get a catheter in, needles to say it would not go in. She gave him something to make him sleep and we tried again. after about 2 hours she showed me his distended bladder when she moved it to the side of his stomach, it was about the size of 2 grapefruit's. She then told me she had to drain this bladder to prevent a rupture, so she stuck a needle in and sucked about 15ml of urine out which was a dark golden colour. She dis a test on the urine and concluded some blood in the urine and a serious bladder infection. Then she told me she will let him sleep it off and try to put a catheter in again on Monday.

On Monday she contacted me and said that she cant get the catheter in, surgery might be needed.

On Tuesday she contacted me and said that the catheter is in and she is flushing the bladder, if he urinates normally by Wednesday he can go home.

On Wednesday morning (today) another vet contacted me, said my old vet had to go off sick, but Peanut can not urinate on his own, surgery is needed urgently. I told her to proceed. Later today I went to see her and find out what the bill will be so far. The new vet told me there had been complications and Peanut is in serious condition and that I should prepare myself for the worst. According to her the stone removed was about 1cm in diameter, but his bladder had already ruptured 5 days earlier and that his bladder started to attach to his intestines, she had to remove about a 2 cm circular area of his bladder and he has a serious infection in his organs and he is suffering dehydration. So the supposed rupture would have been on Saturday.

Now my questions:
How could his bladder be almost 2 grapefruit's in size about 1-2 days after the supposed rupture?
Would Peanut have acted like a normal playful dog if his bladder ruptured?
Would the urine be golden in colour if he had a rupture?
Would the first vet really not have noticed a rupture on initial examination? (No x-rays, no ultrasound was done, only urine test and physical exam)
Could I be facing a case of negligence by one or both of the vets, and they be responsible for his current condition?
Hello and Welcome to Just Answer!

I'm sorry about Peanut's condition. I am going to try to answer your questions as best as I can. If you have questions you can reply to this.

First, I think trying to put an actual number to the days that his bladder ruptured is too difficult so I would not go on the exact five days. The day that he most likely ruptured was the day that you took him to the vet when you found him on the floor moaning and urinating on himself. When you saw him outside trying to defecate, he was most likely trying to urinate. He probably ruptured his bladder trying to force out urine and actually unobstructed himself by forcing so hard. (This would be when he urinated on himself)

Just because a bladder is ruptured does not mean that it is emptied. I am sure his bladder was overstretched from being so full. So the bladder will get a little hole in it where urine can leak out into your abdominal cavity but the bladder will still be able to hold urine and a dog can still urinate one the urethral obstruction is cleared.

A bladder rupture is pretty painful at the time of occurrence. Sometimes dogs will initially feel better because the pressure of the bladder is finally decreased. They then feel sick a few days later as the urine accumulates in the abdomen.

Can the urine be yellow. yes. Urine is urine. Infected urine may be darker or bloody and the urine that was collected was still from what was in the bladder. If you were taking fluid out of the abdomen that was urine laced then that too could be yellow or pale yellow/red.

Many dogs will have a fairly normal palpable (feeling) bladder if it is ruptured. An x ray may still show an enlarged bladder but you would start to see fluid around the bladder and intestines eventually. A rupture can be seen easier with an ultrasound or a contrast cystogram where you fill the bladder with dye.

Negligence? that's hard to say. I don't like to get involved there. Every vet does things a bit differently. When were x rays finally done? If he had a stone and it was big, I probably would have just recommended surgery to start.

Feel free to reply and I hope that this helps you some!

Dr. P
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