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Illawarra dairy cow has lumps all over her body have been there

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Illawarra dairy cow has lumps all over her body have been there now for 10 mths. she all most died when she first got the lumps .I was woundering if you had any idear what it could be.
Hi there,

For lumps that are all over, under the skin, and not going away over time, I'm very concerned about lymphoma. It's more common in Holsteins, but it's seen in other dairy cows too. This is a form of cancer that affects all the lymph nodes. There is no good treatment in cattle.

I'd also be concerned about abscesses or an infectious process. I think it's less likely, given the longstanding nature of the problem, and the fact that she was very ill and then seemed to recover.

If the lumps are in the skin itself, not under it, they could be warts or hives. If they are hives, the initial illness that nearly killed her could be an allergic reaction, or if they are warts, it could have been unrelated.

To find out for sure, I'd recommend having a vet take a sample of one of the bumps and have it sent off to be looked at under the microscope. This can give you information on how to treat her if treatment is warranted, or what to expect (including if it's contagious) if it is not.

I hope this is helpful. If so, please rate me positively, and don't hesitate to let me know how I can help further.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thankyou so much for your greate imformation.would it cost much to have the skin test?


It entirely depends on your vet. If your vet can look at a microscope in the clinic, it might not be much. Also, pus generally looks like pus when it comes out, so if they are abscesses, you might know right there, and if they are warts or hives, the vet might recognize them without having to take samples. If it's too complicated or the vet isn't comfortable looking at it, it might need to be sent in to a commercial lab, which is a little more, but depends on the lab.