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Can anaplasmosis exposure remain dormant and not show up on

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Can anaplasmosis exposure remain dormant and not show up on blood work for 2-3 years?My dog was found 3 years ago. I have never seen a tick on him or in my yard.Annual bood work was negative until a month ago when it came back that he had been exposed. I'm wondering if he could have been exposed when he was "on the road" and it is just now showing positive.Thanks. I think my vet used the "in-office strip method" of testing prior to this year when the blood sample was sent to a lab.

Hello, this is Dr. Benedetta, and I would be glad to offer my help.
The snap tests used in office are usually very sensitive. I think it is more likely that this is a recent exposure to Anaplasma.
I know that it seems unlikely to you that Sunday has acquired a tick-borne disease without having seen a tick on him ever.
However, keep in mind that 50% of the people infected with Lyme have never seen a tick on themselves either. And people are not, as a rule, as furry as dogs Wink!
Hope Sunday is doing well otherwise, in most cases a round of antibiotics is all they need!
benedettaDVM and 2 other Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for your positive rating! Let me know how Sunday is doing, if you have a minute!