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My cat was in emergency.The vet gave x-ray. Left lung cant

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My cat was in emergency.The vet gave x-ray. Left lung can't be seen. She had kidney Fail, hyperthyoridsm. Vet took ct scan b4 operation. Vet said surgery to remove tumors to prolong & good life. She couldn't give her bioxiy test b4 surgery. After surgery, the tumors too close to heart couldn't be removed and were test aggressive. After 41 days, she was put to sleep. She didn't eat, sleep Cancer was returned after 3 wks. I got $15000 charged on visa & $5000 paid cash. Can I dispute the vet bills?
Hello, this is Dr. Benedetta, and I would be glad to offer my help.
I am so sorry about your cat, what an ordeal you must have gone through.
I am not sure if you have grounds for a dispute, but you can call California Board of Veterinary Medicine, and they will instruct you how to lodge a complaint, and will do an investigation of the case to decide if there has been a MEDICAL mismanagement of the case. They typically do not investigate purely monetary disputes, but if you believe that the case was not managed appropriately, that would be your best course.
Before you call the Board, I would recommend that you try to talk to the hospital manager or veterinarian, and you can mention that you are considering reporting the case to the Board.
I want to say that i know this was an ordeal for you, and a huge expense, but in my experience, veterinarians really do try to recommend and do what is best for the patients, so maybe talking to the veterinarian will clarify some of your questions/issues.
best of luck, and my condolences for the loss of your cat!
benedettaDVM and 2 other Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for your positive rating! Hope your questions will be answered satisfactorily by your veterinarian. Again, my condolences to you!