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About two hours ago I found a newborn bunny by the trashcans

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About two hours ago I found a newborn bunny by the trashcans at my work. its ears are down and his eyes arent opened yet. it looks like it was attacked by some birds. he has a wound on his neck and a bloody nose. I have him wrapped up in a rag under a heatlamp to try and keep him warm. he has drank some water and milk since then. what should I do as far as caring for it until monday when I can get to an opened vet office?
Raising orphanned bunnies can be hard. Many of them don't make it, especially if they are traumatized.

First, it is important to know that they are truely orphaned. It sounds like he is given that he has wounds. Here are some good guidelines to start with...

First, unless you keep your house cold you don't need to supplement heat. They do fine in at temperatures around 65-70 degrees so room temperature is fine. Put it in a box with some bedding/nesting material.

You can gently clean the wounds with some dilute betadine solution if you have it.

For feeding, you don't want to use cow's milk. Kitten milk replacer is okay to use and you can usually get it at any pet store.

The most common mistake people make trying to care for an orphaned bunny is overfeeding them... they only need to eat twice a day. How much depends on age and size, but start with just 3-4cc/feeding. This is a small amount. If he seems hungry and willing to eat more you can feed a little more at each feeding.

And instead of calling a vet, try to look for a wildlife rehabilitator. They may have a hotline and may be available to help you on the weekend and are usually very good at raising orphans.

At each feeding, use a cotton ball moistened with warm water and gently rub his genitals, This should stimulate him to go to the bathroom.

I hope thaty helps, but Let me know if you have any more questions.

Dr. Stacy
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When we first brought he in he was barely breathing. His body was cold at first but after putting him under the heatlamp he started to breathe faster and feeling warmer. my other concern is he isnt moving very much but could it be because its young?

They don't move much in the first week. Did he seem to swallow normally when you fed him? I worry if they don't have a stong swallow... if they just let the milk sit in their mouth. If he has a strong swallow then I think you are doing as well as can be expected for now.

Baby bunnies are really hard to get to make it to weaning without mom.

Dr. Stacy
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