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My dog is a rescue dog, she is one years old. She was four

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My dog is a rescue dog, she is one years old. She was four months old when i found her dying in the ditch but she looked like a newborn puppy. She is an Egyptian street dog. She has had all the vaccinations and been dewormed three times so far.She weighs 20 kilos and has had a numerous amounts of illnesses since i found her. She got the parvovirus when she was six months old and had just about survived that. She is feed soft organic and takes her vitamins everyday as she won't eat dry food. The vet informed me that she is more than likely the runt of the pack and was meant to die within the week of her birth and that the parvovirus should have killed her but she managed to survive all that. she is tiny for her breed and will always have difficulty with her health the vet informed me; due to the her first six months of life. I am living in Egypt and its very difficult to get a vet who is good for Hiccup(my dog)
So i would like to ask what you would recommend regarding the care of my dog - She also has some psychological issues - she is terrified of everything, she hates leaving the house for walks - i have had to find ways to make her active inside the house - when i go to work she crawls underneath the couch until i come back and won't even come out unless i lift the couch and beg her to come out. I tried to walk her for three months but she just always fought me and whined until i got her home. I tried blocking the couch for a week to show her that she can roam the house without fear but when i came home i kept on finding her very distressed underneath the dining tables. Lastly she is ill at the moment and the vets close to me are closed due to the situation in Egypt right now and the only one open is two hours away and i am unable to get there. She is having difficulty breathing, she is losing her appetite and she keeps shaking her head a lot and scratching her ears.
Thank you for reading and hoping to hear from you soon.
Hi there,
First of all, I salute you for taking in this poor dog and trying to give her the special care she needs. I'm sorry she's not feeling well and that getting her veterinary attention is a real challenge given the current situation.

As far as the difficulty breathing goes, she may have a viral infection (if she got parvo, she may have also been susceptible to distemper, which causes pneumonia), and/or a bacterial infection. In either case, if you could get to a vet, I'd recommend antibiotic treatment. If this is not possible, you can put her in the bathroom with you when you shower and let her breathe the steam. This may help her breathe more easily. However, without antibiotics, it may be tough for her to get better, so I'd recommend a trip to the vet as soon as it becomes possible to get there. Chicken and rice is tasty and easy on the tummy for sick dogs until they recover. Boil plain chicken and plain rice, with no added flavors or salt, and feed small amounts several times a day. The mixture should be about 2/3 rice and about 1/3 chicken. If she will eat her regular food, that is good, but if she is reluctant, the chicken may be a little more enticing to encourage her to eat while she is ill. You can also give her 1/2 of a baby aspirin or 1/4 of a full-sized aspirin to reduce fever, as fever can cause poor appetite. Don't give aspirin more than once a day or for more than 2-3 days in a row, though, because it can cause GI bleeding if you do.

In my experience, the head shaking and ear scratching are often related to an ear infection. I recommend using a commercial ear cleaner if it is available, as it dries quickly, unlike water, that can sit down in the ear canal and make a place for bacteria to breed. If you don't have ear cleaner, you can use vinegar diluted with water (about 3/4 water and about 1/4 vinegar). Soak a cotton ball or tissue with cleaner, wipe out the ear, and let her shake out the rest of the cleaner. Don't use a Q-tip or swab, as it can damage the ear canal. Do this 2X a day for 1-2 weeks, and it will clear up most infections (although sometimes medication from the vet is also needed).

I'm so sorry to hear the Hiccup is such a fearful girl. She must have had quite a rough start in life. I do like crates for dogs with signs of separation anxiety. If you can get a dog crate and make her up a nice bed in there, and show her that it is an appropriate place to hide, when you leave, you can put her in there and give her a snack. That way, she has a safe, enclosed den where she feels comfortable when you are gone that is less troublesome than hiding under the couch. You can also come home and open the door and put her food out away from the crate to encourage her to come out on her own without having to drag her. I think providing her with an appropriate den could make leaving less stressful for her. She may never feel comfortable taking walks outside, but as she lives with you and comes to trust you more and more with each passing month, you may be able to play with her near the front door, in front of the house, etc for short (5-10 min) periods. Give her lots of treats and play her favorite games. Gradually go outside more and for longer periods, and perhaps you can work up to walks.

I hope this is helpful. If so, please rate me positively, and don't hesitate to let me know what I can do to help further.
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I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Hiccup is doing well, managed to get her to a vet and the vet prescribed her some antibiotics and ear-drops. I gave her the baby aspirin (once a day) till I took her to the vet yesterday. She has to also take some de-worming medication as a precaution cause of her bout with the parvovirus.


Hiccup is also enjoying the new dog house which she has managed to stay in while I am away. Thank you for that suggestion, it has really made may year, as it was something that was really breaking my heart - no one should feel insecure in their own home. She has also started to follow me outside the house and runs around the garden; due to the treats being trailed from the front door to the garden trick (a bit overboard on the treats but worth it).


A thousand thanks,


You are quite welcome! I hope she continues to do well. Best of luck to you both.