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Dr. Andy
Dr. Andy, Medical Director
Category: Veterinary
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Experience:  UC Davis graduate, Interests: Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Pain Management
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my dog is coughing up white foamy mucus. he was she was in

Customer Question

my dog is coughing up white foamy mucus. he was she was in a dog hotel for tonight's I got her home Sunday and she's been coughing. Is this serious
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 3 years ago.
Welcome! My name is Dr. Andy. I am a 2003 graduate from UC Davis, and currently a Medical Director of a veterinary hospital.

I am sorry to hear about this concern.

Common causes for coughing in dogs can include: A upper respiratory infection (bacterial and/or viral), Asthma, Bronchitis (caused by infection or allergies), Heart disease (an enlarged heart will apply pressure on the lungs), Pneumonia, and Heartworm disease

But, with being in the dog hotel, certainly a upper respiratory infection is suspicious.

Yes, this can be serious. Some dogs will cough so hard that it results in vomiting, and there is the predisposition to pneumonia.

Unlike a virus, often this is due to a bacterial infection, and antibiotics are very important!

So, yes, I would get Honey into a vet by tomorrow.

To ease coughing, you can give Dextromethorphan, which can be found over-the-counter. However, many cough medications over-the-counter are combination products. So, if you grab a product like Robitussin, make sure it doesn’t have other ingredients like acetaminophen or caffeine. If it also contains Guaifenesin that is okay.
The dose is 0.25 to 0.5 mg per pound of body weight every 8 hours.
So, a 20 pound dog could get anywhere from 5mg to 10mg of dextromethorphan.


If at anytime your pet is panting heavily for hours, has difficulty breathing or excessive coughing, regardless of the cause, please contact an ER veterinarian immediately.

I hope that information has been helpful.
Please remember to select Reply to Expert, if for any reason you need further clarification, have more questions, or were expecting a different type of answer. Prior to leaving a feedback rating, which I greatly appreciate so I am recognized by Justanswer for responding, my goal is to provide you the best answer possible.
Dr. Andy