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My female canary has laid her third batch of eggs. They are

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My female canary has laid her third batch of eggs. They are housed in a biggish aviary outside in the garden. Only one chick has hatched from this batch of five and there are two remaining eggs which are not viable. Shall I remove those eggs from the nest or leave them. The young hatchling is feeding well but this time, it is the mother that is doing all the feeding and not the male as was the case before. Her other chicks from the last batch are all fine but they keep eating the papas food. The mother just regurgitates the other food that is available within the cage ie normal seed mix, broccoli, spinach and apple that are all provided fresh daily. There is only one unrelated bird in the aviary but they all get on very well. In fact two of the chicks flew out of the cage and went missing for 24 hours but both flew back to the cage the next day which I find unbelievable! I am not a breeder I just happen to have a neighbour that provided me with two females and a male and it has gone on from there. I am enjoying the experience although I am inexperienced and have left them to let nature take its course.
Hi there,
Congratulations on your hatchling. You can remove all the infertile eggs at this point or you can leave one in the nest. If you remove the infertile eggs, replace one with a similarly-sized stone or other small object. The mother bird will not be disturbed by the removal of the eggs, but sometimes young hatchlings use them to help hold themselves up until their muscles develop. In some cases, eggs thought to be infertile can hatch up to a week after the first egg hatches (even if they candled infertile), so if your hatchling is very new, you might wait a few days and see what happens.

Canary males may or may not help females raise their babies. When they do help out, they often are more active when the chicks are a little older and the female is busy setting up her next nest.

If your female is routinely laying, I recommend offering her a kibble-type bird diet with seeds as a treat, as seeds are high in fat and not very high in essential vitamins and minerals that she is putting into her egg production. Calcium supplements are also good, as she's putting a lot of her calcium into those egg shells. It's great that you are supplementing with fruits and veggies.

I hope this is helpful. If so, please rate me positively, and don't hesitate to let me know how I can help further.
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