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PetDr, Veterinarian
Category: Veterinary
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Experience:  PetDr has been a veterinarian for 13 years and working as a medical director in one of the best hospitals in NJ.
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I adopted a dog back in february. When I did they said he

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I adopted a dog back in february. When I did they said he had an eye infection and heartworm. I gave him prescription eye medication 2x a day for a month and had a follow up with a vet about his heartworm treatment as well. The eye did not clear up so the vet gave me an additional bottle of eye drops and said continue on with them. I did for a second month and it did not clear up. The eye was nearly closed all the way when I got the dog. When he opened his eye there was a white colored mucous. Looked like a booger in his eye. After the second month I read about dry eye in dogs and tried saline rinse, which cleared the mucous, but I heard it caused the eye to be more dry. I then tried Similason dry eye relief which helped but it tends to cause the mucous to crust around the eye lid. I then tried using mineral oil to wipe over the eye lid. This also helps a bit but usually have to repeat every other day. I have been ok with this routine except now I am starting to notice a clear imperfection on the other eye and am concerned that there is something else going on. Additionally, the eye that has been having problems has a very strange yellow reflective look to it, much like when you shine a flashlight in an animals eyes at night. any feedback on what I am dealing with and how to help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Brian


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I'm sorry to hear that Cosmo's has been suffering from this eye problem. It sounds like this has been a chronic problem. It is uncommon for a bacterial or viral infection to take this long especially when proper medications used. Trying to find out the underlying cause of this problem is very important. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), which is known as "dry eye". The most common cause of KCS appears to be immune-mediated destruction of the tear-producing gland tissue. We do not know what causes this type of inflammatory reaction. When KCS is in advanced state the situation is pretty obvious but early on in the case it may look like a simple case of conjunctivitis. In either case it is important to measure the tear production to determine how dry the eyes are. The test that accomplishes this is called the Schirmer Tear Test. Other eye conditions such eye lid conformation problems or chronic irritation from rubbing the face etc can also cause constant eye irritation and the signs you have mentioned. A close examination of the eyes by an opthalmologist would be helpful in the treatment of his eyes.
I hope this was helpful, if so, please do not forget to rate my answer. Thank you.

PetDr, Veterinarian
Category: Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 68
Experience: PetDr has been a veterinarian for 13 years and working as a medical director in one of the best hospitals in NJ.
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