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Dr. Dan
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Approx 6 yr old lhasa apso with mod to severe dental disease

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Approx 6 yr old lhasa apso with mod to severe dental disease appears very lethargic and not eating x1 day. Brush teeth often but 2 teeth have just fallen out and were found on floor recently. Just lays in bed and is not happy and loving as usual. Has foul odor tp breath. Could this be an abcess? What is normal body temp for canines?

Thank you for your question, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you.

I'm sorry your pooch is feeling off tonight. The teeth that have fallen out could be abscessed... that is certainly possible or they tartar was bad enough that it broke down the ligament that holds the tooth into the jaw. Because of the sudden lethargy and not eating there very likely is an infection or illness brewing somewhere and the mouth is a good guess. I would definitely see the vet as soon as you can about treating the teeth and searching for other signs of infection. The normal temperature for a dog at home is 101.5-102F anything higher than that is a fever that needs assistance.

Dr. Dan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Checked her temperature & it is right at 100F The teeth are badley decayed and the gums very inflamed I suspect an oral infection brewing and also her ears are very dirty but not red. I have started the ear cleaning process already. As far as the teeth are concerned, I'm not sure what can be done other than good brushing which I try to do. This is not my pet, but belongs to my 89 yr old alzheimers lady which I care for 24/7. Last yr at check up vet said needed deepcleaning badly but cost is $500.00. Family said no. Poor Peaches, wish I could do more. Is aspirin, like 81mg ok to give dogs? Anyway thanks for your assist.

Aspirin is not ok, especially for red irritated gums as aspirin affects clotting in a dog and is linked to stomach bleeding. What you should talk to the vet about is longer term antibiotics like doxycycline and dog safe pain relievers. You are right the cleaning needs to be done, but in the meantime pain relievers and antibiotics will help and will keep the discomfort to a minimum while you are brushing.

Dr. Dan
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Hi Karen,

I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?

Doctor Dan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I requested owner's daughter to take Peaches to the vet to be examined and got a flat refusal, but was given some supplies she had obtained for her own pet for oral care. I have stepped up on the brushing as I immediatley found numerous decaying teeth that were abcessed and drained profusley as soon as I touched the gum, which has left open pockets on the gumline now that the abcesses have drained. I am using a dental gel with baking soda that adheres to teeth to prevent further tartar. Almost every tooth in this dogs mouth is severely decayed and covered in thick grey tartar. The teeth need to be extracted but family will not spend the money to do it. After I brought the abcesses to her attention on 4th of July and let her see the condition of the dogs mouth, she has agreed to take her to the vet hopefully to get antibiotics to get the infection under control. She has instructed me to groom and bathe before vet visit or won 't take her, so that's what I am doing today. She loves to be groomed so she is acting as if she feels a little better and is perkier but still far from well. I am just a nurse caregiver for her 89 yr old mom with alzheimers and she keeps me very busy. I didn,t know I was going to be a vet tech/groomer also. I am amazed though that the poor little thing does not seem to be in pain. Only when I cut one nail too close today during grooming did she let out a cry! Anyway, I am trying and thanks for your concern. Karen