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my one year old cockatiel (female) has just begin vomiting,

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my one year old cockatiel (female) has just begin vomiting, or regurgitating, water, and now brownish liquid, and seeds. she eats kibble, seeds, rice. she is not acting sick and has seemed fine all day. there is also a little diarrhea. she has done this several times in the past hour. she has finally finished laying eggs a few days ago, and has a parakeet boyfriend who feeds her regurgitated seeds. she was with him this morning but hasn't been with him the rest of the day. I am trying to keep them apart. she is drinking water and I have replaced the plain water with sugar water. she is still flying around and playing with toys. I have confined her to her cage.

I'm sorry to hear that Coco has not been feeling good.

There are many things that can cause a cocktail to vomit, some more serious than others. One of the most common reason is as simple as food not going down and sitting right at the crop. In these cases your bird will probably end up vomiting to get rid of the problem.

Another most common cause is a bacteria or yeast problem. It is for sure an unpleasant experience for Coco, but with some antibiotics these should clear up pretty quickly.

If she has vomited once and she is back to eating/drinking that is fine. If she continues vomiting I would strongly encourage you to take her to an avian veterinarian.

I hope my answers were helpful and Coco starts feeling better soon.
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