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My 3 year old neutered male cat, T, suddenly developed a runny

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My 3 year old neutered male cat, T, suddenly developed a runny eye last night. The lid appears swollen and there is clear and a little white, mucousy discharge. He has been pawing at it and keeping it partially shut and it is fairly red under the lid. He is an indoor cat but we recently moved to a new place where we have a decent-side fenced in patio area with some soil, rocks, and woodchips on the ground, that he has been allowed to go out on.
He has also been sneezing and we have another cat who recently had a cold. We will take him to the vet Monday, but no vets around here have weekend hours. Should I take him to the emergency clinic? Or can we help him at home? So far we have flushed the eye once with saline (last night). Thank you!
Hello. Thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.
It sounds like he has conjunctivitis which is an eye infection. It could be from an upper respiratory tract infection.
The eye is probably uncomfortable and itchy.
You can try giving him a dose of benadryl for itching and for his sneezing. The dose is 1 mg of benadryl per each pound of cat. For example, a 10 pound cat would get 10 mg of benadryl. I think it is easier to cut the 25 mg tablets into the size needed and then pop them down his throat or put it in a treat. The liquid benadryl is fruit flavored and cats do not like the tastes. You can give the benadryl every 8-12 hours as needed. It may make him sleepy.
You can also buy an elizabethan collar, at petsmart, which will protect his eye from rubbing or scratching. If he scratches his eye, then he may scratch his cornea as well. The would be more serious than just an eye infection. The cornea is a clear payer of cells that covers the front of the eye. It is sensitive and if injured, the eye will be sensitive to light and watery.
So, if you notice he is sensitive to light, or the eye is watering, then he should see the emergency vet today.
If the benadryl seems to help, and he can keep the eye fully open even in bright light, then I would monitor him and take him to the vet on Monday.
I hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
When we adopted him he was declawed in the front paws so I don't know if that would rule out the scratched cornea or if he might still have one? He keeps the eye partially shut in bright light and in dimmer light and it is watery.
No, it does not rule it out because he can still rub the eye, with his paw, and cause an abrasion. So if it is watery, and partially shut in the light, then he should see the emergency vet today.
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