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Hi I have a blue and gold macaw 6 yrs of age I got him from

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Hi I have a blue and gold macaw 6 yrs of age I got him from a pet rescue....he seems to love me very much he calls for me he gets happy to see me he dances for me.... And he always regurgitates for me.... But at times he gets very aggressive and bites me hard one min he's ok and the next he's lunging at me.... What do I do? And y is he doing this to me?
Hello and welcome to Just Answer. I'm Dr. Gregg and I will try to help you today. Sorry blue is giving you problems. Macaw bites are painful and can be dangerous, I sympathize. I am always concerned with rescue birds since we don't know about previous treatment of the bird, illness, diet, etc. Some birds are in rescue for a reason (i.e. biting). Macaws are stubborn and have a hard time unlearning a bad behavior that may have worked for them in the past. Many macaws are indulged and spoiled, being allowed to do what they want, when they want to. First thing I would do is to but blue on a schedule for interactions with you. Good behavior is rewarded with attention and favorite treats. Bad behavior is punished by being "sent to his room", with no attention, for an hour. He should only be out of his cage when being handled. He should be on your arm held close to your body with his head lower than yours. No sitting on shoulders as this raises him above you and acts to impower him, making him boss. This is not a fast process, requiring patience and caution so he does not hurt you. Can you describe his living conditions and diet for me?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Well blues living conditions are as follows he has a cage 48x48x5 he has two stands one in my living room that is more like a play stand with cholla wood and grape wood.... another one that sticks to a window and one that hangs from the ceiling ... I feed him Harrison's pellets, fruits, and nuts. And I also feed him on occasion human food like oatmeal, rice, beans. I don't give him onions or garlic. His cage is cleaned daily and water is changed 2 time a day. He has a lot of play toys made from wood ect. Yes I know he is very spoiled..... It's just I love him so much I want him to be happy.... I just don't understand y he gets in these moods with me when i have him on my arm I have him lower than me and every time he's there he tries to nip at my chest sometimes. Small pinches but it hurts at times... Can u help me please,thank you.
I understand you feel strongly for blue-nobody keeps a large bird without loving them. Unless you set the rules and control the good things in life he wants and allocate them to him for good behavior and deny them for bad, he will not change. You have given him everything he wants so he feels he can treat you anyway he wants. Just like little kids, there has to be punishment and reward in order to promote desired behavior. As long as you give him everything he wants he has no reason to change
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