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Dr. Gregg
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Hello!I got a blue fronted amazon, he smells soooooo bad..

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I got a blue fronted amazon, he smells soooooo bad.. I bathed him yesterday hoping that stinky odor goes away but still.. I cant even get close to his cage.. By the way i bath him once a week, i clean his cage everyday.. Any advice to resolve this problem..
Welcome to Just Answer. I'm Dr. Gregg and I will try to help you today. I need some information first. Does he have skin or feather problems so you feel the need to bath him frequently and how do you bath him? What is his diet? Is he an only bird? Do his stools seem normal? Does he seem to gag or burp? Sorry for all the questions but these kinds of problems can be difficult without being able to examine pato and his cage.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hello Dr.Gregg i didnt notice any feather or skin problem.. I just noticed him itching him self alot before two weeks but not anymore.. And i actually bath him to resolve the bad odor problem.. I bath him with spray bottle.. The diet is Pretty Bird Natural Gold pellets, mixed with Pretty Bird Species Specific Amazon Cockatoo. And yes he is the only bird i have. His stool seems normal but after the bath his stool changes to watery alittle bit for 1-2 day and it start getting back to normal after.. He seems very normal he is playing alot especially when he see me entering the room he moves alot in his cage and play with his toys.
Thanks for that information. Assuming the cage is cleaned regularly, my first thought is the smell is likely coming from patos digestive tract. Even though he seems to have normal stool, that could be the culprit if he has a digestive disturbance or bacterial imbalance in his gut. Another area to think about is his crop. A yeast or bacterial infection there can cause pretty bad breath. As always, with birds, a thorough exam and basic blood tests are needed to find the exact cause of patos problem. Until then, one thing you could try is adding one capful of apple cider vinegar to four ounces of water and offer that as a water source. Change daily and give for 5 days in a row. This can help to acidify the GI tract and encourage normal bacterial population. Probiotics, beneficial bacteria, can also be given. Check with a good pet supply store and they should have one you could use. Double check the cage and bird room for any possible source of the odor. If this does not help then have an avian vet check pato out. Good luck with him, I have raised blue fronts and they are real characters.
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