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My canary has stopped singing and his eyelids look swollen

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My canary has stopped singing and his eyelids look swollen and has difficulty opening them.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer. I'm Dr. Gregg and I will try to help you today. Sorry your little bird is ill. What's his/her name? Can you tell me about the birds diet? Is the swelling of the lids themselves or the area around the lids? Any other symptoms? Sorry for all the questions but needed to give an idea whats going on and what can be done
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Dr. Gregg, his name isXXXXX swelling is of the lids and his activity level has come down. He seems to be eating well and has sufficient water. His diet is high quality bird seed composed of millet primarily. I give him some greens and apple once in a while but does not like it too much. Thank you.
Hello and thanks for that information. From your description of zorro I would suspect he has an eye infection, called conjunctivitis. It can be caused by a number of different bacteria or virus and will need the treatment of a veterinarian familiar with birds, who can choose the proper medication(s) and look for any associated problems. One thing that needs correcting now is zorros diet. A seed diet is not a good diet. It is equivalent to feeding only white bread dipped in lard to a child. Enough calories to survive on, but only for a short time before all sort of nutritional deficiencies show up. One of the most common deficiencies is in Vit A. This results in frequent infections of eyes, mouth and respiratory tract. Zorro should be switched to a complete pelleted ration that has everything he need to stay healthy. There are several good ones you can look into from several companies. Names to look for are HBD mash, Zupreem or Rowdybush. Most canaries are willing to try new diets and switch over after a while. Fruit and veggies are not needed in a bird on a good pelleted diet. Some medication and a diet change should help zorro feel better soon. Good luck. Dr. Gregg
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