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EmergencyVets, Veterinarian
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Experience:  Small Animal Emergency Veterinarian 10 years of experience..
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My dog keeps swaying to one side when he is sitting up. He

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My dog keeps swaying to one side when he is sitting up. He seems more lathargic than usual but when I ran inside he chased right after me and seemed fine. When he lies down he seems fine but literally sitting up he will start to lean to one side as if he's nodding off and falling asleep except his eyes are very attentive on me. His head will sometimes move in small circles as if he is dizzy but his eyes aren't moving at all. He's a 3 year old chihuahua pug mix and he's never done this before. The only thing out of the ordinary that he did today was ate a rib bone that my brother gave him. Help?

EmergencyVets :

Hello and welcome to Just Answer.. My name isXXXXX am a licensed veterinarian and will be happy to help you today..

Customer: S do you have an answer to my question?
EmergencyVets :

Being that his eyes aren

EmergencyVets :

aren't moving, no nystagmus, no vomiting or diarrhea to day correct/

Customer: Correct
EmergencyVets :

Is there anything around the house he could have ingested - mushrooms, mold, compost, marijuana ? ( Marijuana I ask becasue working in a state where medical marijuana cards are legal we see a lot )

Customer: I was at my parents house for a few hours and he was with me most of the time. He did go around the yard but they have 2 dogs that seem fine
Customer: I guess it's possible he consumed anything, though there is no known poison in the yard or house and my bro used to smoke but I'm pretty sure it's all in his room, which Rupert doesn't have access to
EmergencyVets :

Are they bigger dogs? Sometimes the smaller ones can react more.. It sounds like a toxicity to me ( something he found/ingested) . When he sits still is there any muscle tremors noted ?

Customer: One is golden retriever the other a chihuahuas just a little smaller than him
Customer: No muscle tremors that I notice, just wobbly
EmergencyVets :

right now is our mushroom season - that is why I wanted to check

Customer: O, there could be mushrooms in the yard, didn't notice any, but I didn't look either.
Customer: So now what? Wait it out tonight and if its worse tomorrow go to vet..?
Customer: is he hallucinating..?
EmergencyVets :

To be safest - I would have to recommend an exam tonight - some mushrooms and molds can be toxic to the liver - Now a mjority do very well with just IV fluids and time to pass the toxin in their urine - but Because there is a risk for liver involvement I always recommend a veisit sooner rather than later.

EmergencyVets :

yes I feel like he is likely dysphoric/ hallucinating - obviously I can not be in front of him to see the behavior..

EmergencyVets :

Is he hypersensitive /jerky if you quickly open your hand/fingers at him while he sits still?

Customer: K, because everything else about him seems normal. Other than the fact he slept most of the car ride home rather than looking out the window. And no, he just blinks if I do that
Customer: So you don't think the rib has anything to do with it?
EmergencyVets :

Ok good. then hallucinations not likely - any possible exposure to antifreeze ?

EmergencyVets :

No I don't expect it is the rib - unless it was old and moldy ?

Customer: Don't think so... Nail polish remover maybe
Customer: No, it was not old. Just cooked on sat
Customer: I was using nail polish remover and my hands were pretty stinky for a while after... But he didn't drink it or anything
EmergencyVets :

Anti-freeze is the most deadly item I could think of.. The others can affect liver - Liver though can heal with time. Enough inhaled toxins can cause a high - but he would have been int he enclosed area for awhile, but then usually with time in room air/clean air - they come back to their normal selves and signs do no tcontinue.

Customer: Ok. I don't wanna be a bad mom but the vets are closed now and an emergency visit would be a stab in the back for me because I'm not so well off with money- I know it'd be e best thing to take him ASAP but I think I'll keep an eye on him for the next few hours and if anything gets worse ill take him in
Customer: Is there anything else I might need to know? And thank you, XXXXX XXXXX like you responded as best you could given the fact that you can't actually examine rupert
EmergencyVets :

I understand financial concerns - it is a large part of the job - You can continue to keep an eye on him if things worsen definitely take him in / and you can investigate as one payment option. If signs do not worsen - i owuld expect them to be at their peak within 12 hours or less and hopefully doing better and better by morning.

EmergencyVets :

Keep an eye out for vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory changes/difficulties/coughing

Customer: Thank you very much, ill check that out as well. So now I rate you and my card will be charged $48?
EmergencyVets :

KIeep an eye on mental status make sure you can arouse him and get him up for walks outside.. Water is ok - as much as he wants, minimal food for next 6 hours.

Customer: Ok. One review I read about the site is they over charge
EmergencyVets :

That is correct.. I am happy to help and will send a follow-up note tomorrow after you rate..You can come back after that and talk to me about the same issues if any other concerns at no charge.

Customer: I appreciate it. Where is your begin art practice?
EmergencyVets :

I am an independent veterinarian working for the site and have no control over pricing.. I work in Oregon as an ER vet and a day vet..

Customer: Veterinary practice** yes that's what I wanted to know. Thanks again!
EmergencyVets :

Happy to help.. Please don't hesitate to ask further questions if you have concerns or are not satisfied by my answer.. If no further questions please Rate and Accept my answer.. That and positive feedback are the only way I receive credit for my time.. Take care and good luck. Dr. Chad

EmergencyVets and other Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
How have things beed going over the last 24 hours? Just wanted to check in.. Dr. Chad
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Good! He's fine :) I just wanted to know what the possibilites were so I didn't toss and turn and worry about waking up to a dead pup in the morning ...:-/


He threw up that night later on but then was fine and still is. Thank You!


Are you in Broomfield, CO?

Happy to hear it !! He should be in the clear then !! No I am in Oregon never practiced in Colorado. Take care.. Dr. Chad