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Hi .. I have question for my kitten 8 weeks oldits female

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Hi .. I have question for my kitten 8 weeks old

its female and having diarrhea (light brown with bad smell) since 30 hours

I don't know what to give it?

my mother give it starch with one teaspoonful yogurt and mash potato to stop the diarrhea


can we give it baby sterile oral re-hydrating solution? (1 mL every 30 minutes)

and can we give it antibiotic to stop the diarrhea? (nifuroxazide for example)

thank you

Hello, this is Dr. Benedetta, and I would be glad to help.
Often diarrhea in young kittens can be due to overfeeding, or their system getting used to solid food.
Oral re-hydrating solution, like Pedialyte, is a good idea.
I would not recommend antibiotics at this point, not without a visit to your veterinarian.
I would recommend to rest the GI for a few hours, give just liquids, like pedialyte, or chamomile tea sweetened with some honey (room temp or luke warm, not hot).
Yogurt is also good for her, ins mall quantities.
If she gets lethargic and/or starts vomiting, then she needs to be seen.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what about corn starch? is it good for kitten with diarrhea?

is it ok to give her the starch with the yogurt like what we did today?


I will stop feeding her just give her liquids for the next 12 hrs

after that .. give her baby cat dry food only with the water and pedialyte?

can we give her poached chicken? or let her get well before?

thanks doctor


Hello, I am really not sure about the corn starch, I have no experience with it, and for that reason, I think it would be better to hold off on it.
poached chicken, creamed with white rice, or by itself would be good for a couple of days before going back to regular food.
benedettaDVM and other Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


she didn't stool after stoping the feeding these 5 hrs just urinate

we didn't give her food this 5 hrs just water, water with honey and pedialyte


when should we feeding her? after how many hours?

we will give her mash potato and tomorrow white rice with poached chicken and the same pedialyte


How often do we should feeding her per day? What is the right amount? (for example 2 tablespoonful from this and that)


sorry for bothering but really I want to know to recover

thaks a lot doctor




hello, I do not have much time for a detailed answer now, I will get back with more info later for you, but in the meantime, if her diarrhea seems under control, you can give her a little mashed potato/poached chicken now, and again in about 2 hours, just a couple of teaspoonfuls.
I'll write more this evening!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will wait for you

thanks doctor!

Hello Malak,
8 weeks old kittens, healthy, should weight about 1 kg, and can be fed 3 times/day, for a total of 8-12 tablespoons of food per day.
as to what to feed, it should be about equal in volume between meat (beef, chicken, fish) and cereal, like oats (cooked) millet (cooked) polenta (cooked). with added calcium and minerals and vitamins.
The easiest way to make sure your kitten gets a balanced nutrition is to buy high quality canned food. This is because, depending on where you are, it may be difficult to find all the supplements to make a balanced meal for your kitten at home, and to mix them with the right proportions.

Now that Bella is recovering, I'd keep her on a bland diet of poached chicken, and ground rice, or mashed potatoes, or baby cereal for a couple of days, and I would feed her 1 TBS of food 4-6 times /day depending on her appetite. Baby food, the simple ones, can be good for her too while she is recovering.

Thank you very much for your positive rating earlier, I really appreciate it!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thank you doctor, I appreciate your help!

if I have any question regarding this issue, I will ask you :)

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Doctor .. sorry for bothering

I have question please


I spoke with expert and he told me to give her 0.5mL form Cefixime

I search about it and I found a lot of information that it use in many infections but I didn't found any information that it use to treat diarrhea!


from your knowledge and experience .. can Cefixime used to treat diarrhea? and what do you think is more effective for this case Nifuroxazide or Augmentin?


I will not give Bella antibiotics until I visit veterinarian .. this is just for my information



Hello Malak,
the antibiotic I use in some cases of diarrhea is Metronidazole.
I have never used augmentin for diarrhea, although I use it in cats frequently for UTI, and wounds.
Cefixime and nifuroxazide I am not familiar with, although I did a brief search, and saw that it is used to treat diarrhea in children.
I guess antibiotic use depends a little on where you live, and what is available to your veterinarian. And many veterinarians will use medications somewhat empirically, depending on what their experience is, regardless sometimes of their approved indications.
Hope this may be helpful to you when you talk to your veterinarian.
Is Bella better?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Doctor,

I think she is better .. thank you for asking :)


today she eat 3 times mash potato and rice

she make in the afternoon light green mucus stools .. but it coherent not like the light brown watery of the yesterday!


is she will be ok if her stools is green with mucus? and what is that mean? she feel cold for example?

(she do it just one time, so I don't know if the situation will be repeated)




That's good to hear. i think she'll probably get better with just diet, the green stool is just because she ate only "pale foods" potatoes and rice.
is she acting ok, in terms of being playful, alert, etc?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


really! I'm happy to hear that!

my sister said the same .. it's green with pale color seems like potato pieces


she play and sleep as usual .. I didn't feel that there are something change

is there average for kitten sleeping hours?

kittens sleep a lot, i do not have a figure for you but I would guess they sleep probably at least 16 hour/day.
sounds like she is going to be alright!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks doctor,

that what I want to know!


doctor she doing will but today my mother give her her dry food (royal canin) she thought that she needs vitamins and mineral which is available in this food!

but the diarrhea back again it is very watery .. I'm feeling upset because I told my mother to keep Bella in the potato and rice diet until she become well!!


my mother still want to let Bella eat the dry food!

what can I do?



Hello Malak,
sorry to hear that Bella has diarrhea again.
It is true that she needs vitamins and minerals, but obviously she is not ready to eat just dry food. Or it's also possible that that particular food is difficult to digest for her (although Royal Canin is a very good brand).
You need to put her back on a bland diet of boiled chicken and mashed potatoes. Yogurt provides excellent calcium, and you can mix in some scrambled egg for vitamins, or even some finely minced parsley.
When her stool is back to normal, you need to transition her to dry food very slowly, over 4-5 days, a little at the time.
Hi Malak,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Bella. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi dear

we visited pet clinic before two days and we did CBC test
there are nothing in her blood so thanks for god it is not infection and she doesn't need antibiotic!

the veterinarian told us like what you said .. just she need food management
so now this is the second day of diet .. she eat mash potato with poached chicken (for 5 days minimum) then we will enter her dry food gradually
for now her stool is more coherent (pale color)

I hope she will get will withen these days

thank you doctor
You are welcome Malak!
Glad to hear that Bella is doing better, and you can manage her just with diet!
Best of luck to you!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you!Today she complete 2 months and her wight is 0.5 kgIs it ok doctor?She just eat 2 tablespoonful today we give her more but she don't want to eat I don't know why? And she feel sleepy .. This is first time she is like this!
Hello Malak,
at 8 weeks Bella should be eating around 10-12 tablespoons/day, divided in several small meals.
0.5 kg also seem a bit small, what did the veterinarian say when she was seen a few days ago?
has she been treated for worms? if not, she should be, nearly all kittens have worms that they have acquired through the mother, and they should be treated for those at around her age.
However, if you have more questions, you might have to open a new thread, as this has timed out.
Thank you!