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My dog is 2 years old HE is a boxer/rot mix. He is active

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My dog is 2 years old a male and is a boxer/rot mix.

He is active and fit and up to date on his shots and was tested last Aug. for heart worm and was ok.

For about 5 days he has had a hack/cough seems to be worsening

He has been eating grass and throwing it up and I have found a little pile of slimy mucus twice, once with  grass. kinda clear like thick saliva.

His nose is dry.

He still plays with the other dog and cats and runs around outside  He eats well and drinks normally.

He is obviously bothered by this condition

He moves his mouth a lot kinda like chewing but different

What does this sound like?

What can I do in lieu of an office visit i.e kids cough syrup ect...?

Thank you

Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.
If he is exposed to other animals, it may be "infectious tracheobronchitis" which is commonly known as "kennel cough." It is caused by a viral type infectious agent that spreads from affected dogs. It causes a cough which sounds like they have to cough up a "hairball." It can also cause nasal drainage, sneezing, and coughing up mucous as well. Sometimes they cough so hard they vomit.
I would make him rest, and not run around and play, until his cough resolves.
When you take a shower, bring him into the bathroom and steam out his lungs.
You can give adult robitussin cough syrup. 1 teaspoon, per 10 pounds of weight, every 6 hours as needed.
Benadryl may help him sleep and help if he is having nasal symptoms.
1 mg of benadryl, per pound of dog, every 12 hours.
Try to keep him from eating grass.
If he has an upset stomach, you may want to feed him a bland diet of plain cooked chicken and rice. You can put a little low sodium chicken broth on it as well.
You can also give him pepto bismal, and pepcid ac, to settle his stomach.
The cough should resolve in 7-10 days.
If it does not, he should see a vet.
In addition, if he has trouble breathing, stops eating, or has pale gums she should see a vet as well. The vet can prescribe antibiotics, for a secondary bacterial infection, as well as strong cough medicine.
I hope this helps.
If you have additional questions, please click "reply."
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I really appreciate the in depth answer yet I had a follow up...

should I still expect it to get worse before better? In other words if tomorrow is worse than today I should not be alarmed correct. And how do you suggest I get him to take cough syrup?

Thank you very much!!:)

It does not necessarily get worse before it gets better. I would go more by just how bad off he really is. If he has trouble breathing, or his gums look pale in color, then he needs to see a vet right away. That could indicate pneumonia.
If he stops eating, for 24 hours, then he most likely needs antibiotics as well.
If you give him the cough syrup, and do the supportive care, and force him to rest he should start to get better.
To get him to take the cough syrup, I would buy a syringe, or eye dropper, at the human drug store. You should be able to find them there.
You are welcome Smile
Dr. Gabby and 3 other Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Steve,

I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?

Dr. Gabby
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Limiting the rough play has helped. He wont eat dry food so I gave moist can food, put cough syrup in this and watched him eat. I wonder bit more if he ate a bumble bee he's been trying forever. Is that possible? Would it heal on its own?

Thank you for following up it was a touch. I will use this service again.


Hi Steve,
I do not think a bumble bee is the cause. Even if he ate it, and it stung his throat, it would be better in 1-2 days. They can digest insects pretty well.
I would think even if the stinger was stuck in his throat, eating something would have knocked the stinger out.
It sounds more like "kennel cough" or "infectious tracheobronchitis."

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