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Dr. Elaine
Dr. Elaine, Veterinarian
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Experience:  D.V.M. 26 years of practice in emergency and general companion animal medicine, including dogs, cats, reptiles, exotic mammals, and birds
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I have a one and a half year old chihuahua male. Hes active

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I have a one and a half year old chihuahua male. He's active and playful, has a good temper (just scaredy like most chihuahuas in unfamiliar surroundings), sleeps well. He's always been kind of skinny though, to the point where you can make out his ribs if you see him up close, and he's a picky eater as well so I switched to a grain-free dry dog food. I am also trying satin balls with him, but he's not putting on much weight at all. Still, he doesn't act sick at all!

Some family members were over last weekend and fed him some table scraps, which is something we don't normally do at the house. Now he's had diarrhea for the past three days, and it's runny mixed with some stool lumps, brownish in colour but not too foul-smelling. I'm worried because he's lost a little weight from it. What can I do? I had a bad experience with my past puppy, he got hit by a car and passed away. Now I'm scared my dog might have some sort of disease and I will lose him, too.

Hi there, this is Dr. Elaine


This sounds like he is experiencing inflammation in his gut due to recent offerings.


Thankfully, he is young and resilient.


That said, the first thing to do is get the diarrhea under control. I am concerned he has had this for 72 hours--he may be becoming dehydrated.


Hopefully there is no vomiting. If there is or has been, with the diarrhea you describe, he needs to be seen immediately--he is too small to survive those kinds of fluid and electrolyte (potassium/sodium/chloride) losses without supportive fluids--usually given intravenously.


If there is no vomiting and he seems bright, alert, and his gums are moist (check this) then offer him water mixed with plain Pedialyte (half-half) until there has been no diarrhea for 8 hours.


The next thing to offer is bland food--at home this means cooked white rice mixed with either boiled chicken or lowfat cottage cheese -- mix them half-half, but offer only a teaspoon or so at a time--like every 1-2 hours and watch him to see he can tolerate it.


Over the next few days, as the diarrhea resolves you can start mixing-in his normal food--do it slowly.


I have attached a guideline for you:


Let me know if I may answer more questions.




Dr. Elaine

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