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benedettaDVM, Veterinarian
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Not sure what more to say. Syrian hamster, female, about 3

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Not sure what more to say. Syrian hamster, female, about 3 years old, has gotten very plump recently without increased food access and is more thirsty than usual, and we just picked her up and found that she is bleeding just under her tail.
Hello, this is Dr. Benedetta, and I would be glad to help.
Is there any chance that your hamster might be pregnant?
If not, I would have her checked in case she has an abscess which could be disguised as plump, but has started rupturing/bleeding. A pyometra (infected uterus) can also present like this.
Another possibility is that she has developed an internal tumor, and it is now distending her abdomen, causing some internal bleeding. This is less likely if the hamster is still running around normally, but if she is not acting like her normal self, this is another differential to consider.
The best course of action is to have her seen.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, Forgive my ignorance but do most vet clinics see hamsters? We have a vet for our dog but haven't brought a hamster before.

Hello! Thank you for the positive rating!
I think that most clinics will see hamsters. Even though they do not see them routinely, they usually will see a sick hamster, or they will be able to suggest a veterinarian in the area who will have experience and be comfortable seeing them.
I would talk to your regular veterinarian office, they should be able to help you!
Good luck!