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Rescued an adult gray squirrel off the highway last Saturday

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Rescued an adult gray squirrel off the highway last Saturday that had been injured by a car and was attempting to crawl off the highway. Threw my daughters jacket over it and took him home and placed him in a cage while still in the jacket. Fed him pedilyte by dropper the first a day or two adding applesauce and then grapes. Had a few abrassionson the ears and face. After a few days the stinch had to be cleaned and when we removed him from the cage to get the jacket he got loose and we had a battle to get him caught again. Two days later he no longer wants to eat on his own or by dropper. We have felt all along that he might have a neck or spinal injury; as he leans his head and neck to one side. Before the cage cleaning we had him taking grapes from us and feeding himself by wiggling himself into a corner to prop himself up. Now when we attempt to feed him he emitts a combination squeak/growl at us and curls away. What can we do to get him well and return him to the wild?

Thank you for your question, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you.

What you are describing is very common when it comes to head trauma. The tilted head means he has vertigo and is quite dizzy, and since he is he dizzy he is nauseas which is why he's probably not eating well. The first thing we need to do is improve his diet, he cannot heal on grapes and pedialyte. He needs a rodent block from the petstore sold for mice and rats in the short term. The sugars in the grapes and relative lack of other nutrients are likely causing him to be weaker and more nauseas. As for getting him over the problem he has... he needs injectable anti-nausea meds and other support, so he really needs to be transferred to a wildlife rehabilitator to help him the most and to keep you in compliance with the law. To find these individuals try starting with asking local veterinarians, your local animal control office, or the local DNR office. I hope this helps, best wishes.

Dr. Dan
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Raised four baby squirrels by hand and this has been a very different experience from the devils Simon, Theodore, Alvin, and Brittany. Always climbing into pillowcases or couch cushions etc. We got them when their eyes were not open and had no fur at all. I will contact the rangers at Chickasaw State park and see if they can take Lucky as we refer to him.

Thank You

Yes you said it! Trauma cases are a lot different than orphans. I think you are making the right decision.

Dr. Dan
Hi Rhonda,

I'm just following up on our conversation about We Are Referring To Him As Lucky. How is everything going?

Doctor Dan