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I received a shipment of chicks and though they were OK a few

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I received a shipment of chicks and though they were OK a few days latr one of the chicks has its leg sticking out at an ankle. Did the chick dislocate its hip? Can I put it back in?
Hello. Welcome back to JA. If I read this right the chick was normal on arrival then the leg problem showed up? Is the leg out to the side or behind? Can the chick move the leg at all?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is kind of sticking down and back. Perhaps alittle outward. He does move it some.You know what I did. I felt along the back bone and where the hip bone was on the good side I compared to the bad side. the bad side was farther away from the back bone and perhaps posterior. So I held onto the thigh bone by the body and pulled out and pushed up/forward. There was a palpable crepitus. After that the leg seemed to be more normally placed. Then later I found the little fu*cker with a string from the plastic on the bottom of the box wrapped around his bad leg and it was pulled out again. So I put it back in so that the hip bones seemed equidistant to the backbone though the leg was still not quite right as after the first replacement. I think its dislocating. He probably needs a splint to hold it in place till it heals as the other little chicks run over him all the time knocking him around. Or what?





I'm impressed. You obviously have skills. It sounds like it was a dislocation and, as with most dislocations, it now dislocates easily. Perhaps a splint could help, but most chicks do not tolerate them very well. You could try loosely hobbling the legs together or apply a "surfboard" type splint. It may/may not help the leg to heal but, as I said, it may distress the chick quite a bit.
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